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3 Signs of Negative Body Language

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 3 Signs of Negative Body Language

So you finally landed a date with a hot girl you thought you’d never have a chance with; however, you didn’t notice that by her backing away from you, using her hand as a subtle barrier to keep you at bay, and fanning the air with her “goodbye” message, her body contradicted every kind word her lips said to you.

Still, you were excited about all the “possibilities” — until two days later, when you made the promised phone call to her and you heard, “You know, I don’t think we really have enough in common to see each other again.” Where did that come from? Didn’t she say it would be great if you called?

When it comes to understanding a woman, what she’s doing is just as important as what she’s saying — sometimes more so. Maybe she didn’t consciously know she had reservations about seeing you until much later, but her body knew from the get-go and was letting you know with key rejection signals. And since you weren’t reading her completely, you wound up getting blindsided.

Understanding a woman’s body language will give you a better idea of what she’s really thinking and feeling along with saving you a lot of unnecessary heartache. So, the next time you meet a woman you’re interested in, watch for the following 3 physical signs that she’s not into you so you’ll know when you need to change your approach and move on to someone else.

1. Disinterest

If your date smiles with her mouth but not her eyes and keeps looking away while you speak to her, she’s probably not interested and is just trying to be polite and not lead you on. Other signs of disinterest may include her tapping or drumming her fingers, slapping a fake smile on her face without laughing, leaning away from you and just flat out making excuses to leave as soon as possible.

2. She avoids physical proximity

If a woman is attracted to you, she will naturally want to be close to you. However, if a woman keeps you at arm’s length at all times, she’s defensive, guarded and may also be protecting her personal space, so make sure you don’t get too close.

3. Anger

If she flays her hands instantaneously when demonstrating a point or makes sudden motions when emphasizing some matters, your presence is agitating her–in a bad way. If her hands are placed on her hips or she’s swinging her foot in your direction, consider that she’s actually making a kicking motion towards you–which are both very, very bad signs.

If a woman is displaying these 3 signs, she’s just not feeling it and there’s really little point in pursuing this cold fish.






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