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4 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Married

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4 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Married

So you’ve finally met the girl of your dreams; however, just when things are getting good, her spouse contacts you and accuses you of trying to destroy his marriage, and your “dream girl” disappears out of your life just like that.

For one reason or another married women do sometimes stray. If you’re not careful, dating married women could get you caught up in a very bad situation that you may not see coming. So how do you know if your love interest is already taken? Here are some signs:

1. She’s tells you that she’s almost single

A woman may tell you that she’s separated from her husband, or that her divorce is almost final. Almost doesn’t count and inviting women like this into your life is like inviting heartbreak, emotional and possibly even physical pain.

2. Your meetings with her are strange in every way

Does she always want to go to your house? Do you even know where she lives? If she won’t give you basic information like her phone number, but rather insists only on calling you, that should be a red flag. The same can be said if she will only give you her cell phone or work number and even then she won’t return your calls. These things don’t happen in a normal dating relationship, so if you’re experiencing this, there’s probably something wrong.

3. She displays strange behavior on your dates

Does she stutter and worry excessively when you ask her innocent questions? Does she answer some phone calls but completely avoids other calls in your presence? If her cell phone rings on your dates and she has to urgently flee from you to answer it, you need to start wondering why. Also, if the woman you’re dating insists on only being seen with you in certain places and at certain times, she may be avoiding certain areas so she isn’t seen by anyone that she knows that could tell her spouse about what’s going on.

4. She avoids talking about family or past relationships

Usually, questions about family and/or past relationships come up in the course of dating conversations; but, if she seems uncomfortable talking about such subjects, or if her body language indicates that she may be lying, your suspicions may be warranted.




    The fact is, married women traditionally make lousy lovers because in spite of what it looks like, only a small amount of women will actually cheat on there husbands with another man. It takes quite a lot to make a woman betray her marriage and only the most slutty of girls will do that on their husbands. If you DO find that she’s married the thing to do is move around and don’t make yourself noticeable by other people around her because things do get out of the office and once it finds its way out of the front door of the job and into the front door at her house, you need to have a good answer as to why you’re hanging around somebody’s wife. They may not be what YOU think she should have but remember, she married HIM, not you.


    It pretty easy to find out if she’s married. All you have to do is be where she is when she gets off. If she gets into her own car she’s probably approachable but proceed with caution. If she’s getting into a car with a guy and its the same guy every day, you probably need to stand clear of her because company gossip can get out the front door and when it does, if it comes to you spending a little too much time around her, when the “s**t” hits the fan, you can believe she’s not going to stand by YOU, it’s going to all be ON you and you still have her husband to deal with.

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