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5 Reasons You’re Just Friends

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5 Reasons Youre Just Friends

So you’ve been trying hard to get close to a girl, and the more time the two of you spend together, the more you realize how much you actually like her. You’ve gotten really close to her with all the hopes of piquing her sexual interest, but somewhere along the way, you may have taken a few detours that led you right into the friend zone. So why have you ended up as friends instead of her boyfriend? Here’s why.

1. You’ve never asked for a date

You secretly lust for her, but instead of asking her out, you behave like a friend and never let the girl know that you have more than friendly intentions on your mind. If you like a girl, you have to make it subtly obvious that you’re romantically interested in her. If your “friend” does not know you want more, then she cannot give more. Put it on the table and see what happens.

2. You voluntarily became her best friend

You became her romantic counselor, listened to every cry and pity party moment about how her last boyfriend did her wrong. You began doing things her girlfriends do with her to the point she’s lost all realization of the fact that you have a package down there. You’ve become another sexless thing she hangs out with all the time as a platonic friend. You chose to be her shoulder to lean on, knowing you wanted to be her boyfriend all along.

3. You’re way too nice and accommodating

You may be a good catch, but you can give a woman too much of yourself too soon. If you’re always available for a woman at the drop of a dime, and offer zero challenge to her, you will not spark that base desire within her.

4. She’s afraid to take it to the next level

It is sometimes a risk to go from being friends to being “lovers”. A woman could value the friendship so much that she fears losing what the two of you have. Your friend will have to work through her fear to change this.

5. She’s just not attracted to you

This is the most common scenario. She may find you funny, charming and fun to be with –but she just doesn’t feel any sexual chemistry with you. Sometimes it’s just the way it is — you don’t want to hit the sheets with every woman you meet, do you? If she‘s just not into you, you have a choice to make: Either stay her friend or move on completely.



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