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5 Signs Of A Needy Woman

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5 Signs Of A Needy Woman

A needy woman can be among the most frustrating aspects of a man’s romantic life. The problem is, a lot of chicks have no clue when they’re acting like the human version of Velcro. Whether her needy behavior is subtle or overtly obvious, it can cause a lot of unnecessary and exhausting drama and put a major strain on your relationship. Below are five signs that will help you recognize whether or not your dating a needy woman.

1. She wants to stay in touch all the time

A needy woman will blow up your phone with a gazillion calls and text messages along with excessive emails. She also expects you to call and text her multiple times a day. She needs to know where you’re going at all times and will begin to feel restless and angry if you are late contacting her.

2. She wants your attention all the time

A needy woman feels like she deserves your attention at all times, even if your busy talking to someone else, working on something or just relaxing by yourself. She demands to be by your side as often as possible and hand-holding and nonstop body contact is mandatory. She’s a controlling womanwho feels as if she owns you and discourages you from spending time with your friends.

3. She thinks you don’t love her as much as she loves you

A needy woman demands to analyze everything about your relationship and thinks that constantly bringing up problems in the relationship will make you a better man. She’ll tell you that she feels like she’s the only one trying to hold the relationship together, and if she doesn’t see you wearing the shirt she bought you three months ago, she thinks that you don’t care about her anymore.

4. She’s constantly worried about being dumped

If you forget to say “I love you” at the end of a conversation, she thinks the relationship is coming to an end. Due to previous disappointments and painful experiences with men, she is a psychologically unstable individual who needs constant reassurance that you are still there and haven’t dumped her.

5. She has no life of her own

She’s afraid to have her own interests, always glues herself to you and follows you around all the time instead of doing her own thing. She wants to spend every bit of her free time with you and wears out her welcome rather quickly.



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