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5 Signs She Has Daddy Issues

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5 Signs She Has Daddy Issues

A girls first love is her father. Daddy teaches her how to love, how to be loved, how to respect herself,  how to spot the players and jerks from afar and recognize what a real man is. In certain cases, where a woman’s father was absent from her life or was not emotionally available, there are chances of her seeking attention from random men in order to compensate for the attention she may not have received from her father. In other words, she has “daddy issues.”

Whether her daddy issues are actually the result of her relationship with her father or whether “daddy issues” is just the label society has chosen to attach to this kind of behavior, these issues can plague a young girl into adulthood and negatively impact her romantic relationships. While a woman may seem to have it all together at first glance, here are 5 characteristics women with daddy issues display.

1. She’s promiscuous and sexually aggressive

Most fathers teach their daughters to respect themselves and their bodies, so if he was never around to give this advice, she may not value sex and use it simply  as a process to gain the attention she lacked as a young girl. No decent girl is used to putting out to guys she doesn’t have a connection with, so if her sexy signals and flirting are overly aggressive, she’s grinding and groping up against you in public, attempts to drag you into her bedroom on the first date, and uses the phrase “It’s just sex,”  she may have daddy issues.

2. She’s a serial dater

A woman with daddy issues can’t remain single very long because she’s constantly looking for the attention of a man to fill her father’s shoes. She moves from boyfriend to boyfriend because being alone is her greatest fear. Unfortunately, a woman like this will only attract the type of men that are only interested in sex and will disappoint her, leaving her in a constant cycle of emptiness.

3. She exclusively dates older men

Since she has yearned for a father-figure as a child, a woman with daddy issues may grow up into a woman who is solely attracted to older men. She looks to these men to care for and provide for her in order to feel a sense of security, just as a father would.

4. She’s extremely clingy

Every woman wants care and assurance from her partner. But a girl with daddy issues wants those things in excess. Thinking every man is capable of leaving like her father did, she may be a bit jealous, clingy will try to hold on to a man that much harder. She’ll need to know where you’re going at all times and will begin to feel restless and angry if you are late contacting her. This type of woman feels like she deserves your attention at all times and may throw a fit whenever you make plans without her.

5. She constantly questions your feelings for her

Due to previous disappointments and painful experiences with men and/or her father, a woman with daddy issues is a psychologically unstable individual who’s grown up expecting the worst from men. This type of woman needs constant reassurance that you are still there and haven’t dumped her. She has low self-esteem, has great difficulty trusting men and seeks frequent reassurance of love or affection. She gets emotionally attached very early on, demands to analyze everything about your relationship and if she doesn’t see you wearing the shirt she bought you two weeks ago, she’ll think that you don’t care about her anymore.

If you’re interested in a serious relationship with a girl like this, your strategy should be to to confront her about her issues and take things slow. Tell her you want to slow down and get to know her before heading straight to the bedroom. Make plans for a future dates and show her you’re interested in more than just sex and she won’t feel quite as desperate to put out as fast. Show her the reliable, attentive and caring guy you are, and the positive attention from you will likely offset the negative attention she’s been seeking from jerks.



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