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5 Traits of a Great Boyfriend

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5 Traits of a Great Boyfriend

For most men, figuring out how to be a great boyfriend and satisfy the women in their lives can be confusing at times. While men and women rarely think along the same lines when it comes to a relationship, it’s rather simple to understand what it takes to keep a woman happy once you learn to see the world through her eyes. With that, here are 5 traits of a great boyfriend.

1. He respects his woman and treats her well

A great boyfriend is a genuine person who considers his woman in every situation, understands that she’s an equal part of the relationship and will be on her side no matter what. He’s not the type that will be checking out other girls, but will keep his attention focused on the woman in his life. He won’t degrade or abuse his woman and if he accidentally says something that hurts her, he won’t hesitate to admit his mistake and apologize sincerely.

2. He inspires his woman to be better

A great boyfriend naturally gains a special place in his woman’s life by helping her find what she wants in life and makes her understand and believe how important her happiness is to him. He helps change the way she sees the world and helps her stand out and live a happier life.

3. He satisfies his woman’s romantic needs

A good boyfriend must satisfy his woman’s every romantic need not by making love just for the sake of it, but by being passionate about it. He is spontaneous and knows the many ways to make her feel special. He also shows his partner the emotional intimacy she craves, communicates with her on every level and anticipates her desires and needs.

4. He loves his woman for who she is

A great boyfriend doesn’t just love his woman physically. He loves his woman…flaws and all. He loves all of the strengths and weaknesses his lady has, but focuses on the good qualities she possesses to make her feel like a beautiful person, inside and out. Simply put, a great boyfriend makes his woman feel good about herself, accepts her as she is and never attempts to change her for his own selfish reasons.

5. He always makes his woman feel beautiful

A great boyfriend makes his lady feel that she is the most beautiful woman in the universe. He picks out something specific such as her pretty brown eyes, pearly smile or gorgeous figure and makes her feel that he’s truly paying attention to her and not just sweet talking her.



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