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8 Relationship Deal Breakers For Women

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8 Relationship Deal Breakers For Women

Most relationships can tolerate a reasonable amount of stress, but sometimes our emotional issues get in the way of us doing the right thing. Nobody is perfect when it comes to relationships, but sometimes your less-than-pleasant traits can mean the difference between a woman hanging onto you and cutting you loose. Here are 8 specific behaviors which are highly likely to ruin your relationship.

1. Cheating

The number one deal breaker of all: This is such a slap in the face to a woman, her trust in you, whatever you built in your relationship, and your integrity. If she gave you a second chance, she’d be cultivating bad behavior and inviting round after round of your infidelity.

2.  Lying

You consistently lie to your partner and hide things from her. In her mind, if you’re willing to lie on matters of minor importance, you’re probably going to lie to save face on more important questions. Lying, no matter the reason or the outcome, always has the potential to be a deal breaker for a relationship.

3. Comparing her to your ex

Your partner wants to believe that you’re with her because you see her as a unique individual with wonderful qualities. But when you compare her to your ex on a regular basis, she’ll become demoralized and it’s unlikely she’ll want to stick around with someone who makes her feel this way.

4. Being unaware of her needs

You don’t know what her needs are, because you haven’t asked, didn’t listen when she told you what they were, or you simply aren’t willing to evolve as her needs do.

5. Constantly criticizing her

Women need their integrity and their self-esteem intact. Making your woman feel stupid, failing to respect her opinions, publicly humiliate her, and criticizing her in such a way that it degrades her self-esteem are all definite deal breakers.

6.  Not having a job

Good jobs can be scarce in this economy, but if you’re consistently out of work and won’t look for a job, it could be a sign of a less-than-stellar work ethic. And real women don’t put up with slackers.

7.  Lack of commitment

A major reason for being in a relationship is to feel loved and secure. If you won’t say “I love you,” show your partner how you feel, or put a ring on her finger after years and years of being together, you’ll cause her to feel unsure of your true feelings and consider you just another commitment-phobe.

8. Holding her past against her

Continually shaming your partner about her past or the person she was before you met her is a good reason for a woman to leave you alone altogether.



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