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8 Signs Your Female Coworker Likes You

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8 Signs Your Female Coworker Likes You

In the workplace, coworkers who you see every day can become close friends, and often it might seem as if they want something more. It’s always difficult to tell if a woman is flirting or just being friendly, but if you’re wondering if one of your female coworkers has the hots for you, here are 8 signs she’ll demonstrate to let you know she’s into you.

1. Direct eye contact

She engages in long held eye contact with you more often than others. Also, when talking to a friend or a colleague, she  keeps throwing quick glances your way.

2. She’s always around

Everyday, without fail, she walks by your desk and says hello. Her tone is ever cheerful and her smile is always bright. She constantly pulls various stunts to catch your attention and finds every opportunity to talk to you and be around you, even when others are around. You seem to keep running into her and she keeps popping up wherever you go.

3. She talks to you differently and spends more time with you than others

She listens intuitively to you, mirroring your body language and hinging on your words. When she talks with you notice that she seems enamored by everything you are saying. She positions her entire body to face you – head, knees, legs, and feet and uses a “special” voice to talk to you–one that is more personal and intimate–and reserved just for you.

4. She finds every excuse to touch you

Some people naturally touch others when they talk, but if your co-worker seems to touch you a lot, she’s flirting. She “accidentally” touches your arm or gently places her hand over yours during conversations, constantly testing the waters to see how far she can take things with you. Also, look out for that lingering hug or embrace which clearly suggests affection.

5. She does the little things that convey thoughtfulness

A while back when you two first met, you mentioned offhandedly your favorite type of coffee to her. While you forgot that conversation, here in the present she now brings you coffee just the way you like it. These little signs convey thoughtfulness and could very well indicate that she likes you deeply and is attempting to get on your good side.

6. She shares her personal life with you

She starts talking, texting and wanting to visit with you outside the office in order to get to know you better.

7. She seems “overly” curious about you

She calls you late at night just to see how you are doing or how your day went and is always curious about what you do o. Sometimes she calls and when the two of you start talking, it’s sometimes into the wee-hours of the night. What she is doing is trying to find out if you are already involved with someone and how serious you are about that person.

8. She always calls on you

She constantly calls upon you, supposedly to clarify details about a project even though the two of you have already discussed it thoroughly and you know she knows the answer. In reality, it’s the closeness to you she is seeking.

If you like your co-worker, use her flirting as a chance to ask her out. If you are unavailable due to already being in a relationship, it is always best to end the flirting before it gets out of hand so you do not lead your co-worker on.



    I don’t know who this girl is at the top but she’s a “Wife Wish” girl by me. I meet or have met a lot of guys at the places I’ve worked that wanted a beautiful co-worker but ended up pissing her off by trying to be all in her face. Co-workers are girls just like other girls, you just see them every day instead of every weekend, but you also run the risk of pushing them away easier than the weekend girls and if she begins being afraid to be in contact with you, remember, HR is only a phone call away and the unemployment office is “just down the street”.

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