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Alpha Female Characteristics

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Alpha Female Characteristics

Every woman has Alpha Female traits inside of them; some are just better at showing it than others. While most women are passive and wait for or use silent flirting to get men to approach them, the Alpha Female calls all the shots in her world and makes things happen. Inside of the true Alpha Female lies an inner security that is lacking in many other women. So, how do you know if you’re dealing with an Alpha Female? Below are the top five Alpha Female characteristics.

1. Independence

The Alpha Female is fiercely independent, can take care of herself and doesn’t need a man in her life. She will want to be the one to set up dates and will often tell you she is busy when you ask. She will also insist on paying her part for movie tickets, getting into clubs, and for meals. She doesn’t want to be in a position where she feels that she owes you in some way. She does not want to be tied down to any man and won’t rely on you for everything.

2. Assertiveness

The Alpha Female asserts influence and control and won’t be pushed around. She stands up for herself and quickly puts people in their place if they try to disrespect her. The Alpha Female is articulate and speaks with her mouth as well as with her eyes. She is a strong woman who knows what she wants, feels and needs and easily expresses these things. The Alpha Female is used to having men pursue her and give in to her every whim; therefore, she is selective about who she invites into her life and will quickly let you know she’s not into you.

3. Confidence

The Alpha Female truly loves herself and is comfortable in her own skin. She loves her body and her brain and she works them out regularly. She knows her own value and sees that she’s beautiful from the inside out. She is playful, yet determined and you will find that an Alpha Female is extremely sure of herself. She won’t settle for less than the absolute BEST in everything from men to her career. She’s on top of her dating game and doesn’t doubt for a moment that she has the ability to get any man she wants. She gives you a run for your money and doesn’t make it easy to pick her up.

4. Sex Appeal

You will find that the Alpha Female isn’t always the most beautiful woman out there; however, she always practices making herself look good, knows the hottest parties and gets into every club without waiting. She flirts with you and moves her body in ways that make you think of sex. She’s a fashion leader who is able to wear a varied wardrobe with elegance, flair and style. She doesn’t blend in with the crowd and you immediately know when she walks in the room because of her charisma and dynamic presence.

5. Ambition

The Alpha Female is actively pursuing dreams or goals and is not concerned with a man making enough money to provide for her. She manages to rise to the top in her career because of her style and intellect and is not afraid to use, and sometimes, exploit her femininity to get her way with men or seal business deals. Simply put, she is a woman who is completely in control of her destiny.



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