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Combative Women To Avoid

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Combative Women To Avoid

Stay away from abusive relationships with combative women–the type who want everything at once, an endless party and those who want to use you for their own agenda without caring what happens to you. Women with the following signs are the classic types NOT to get serious about:

1. She’s an emotional time bomb that goes off without warning. She gets crazy jealous even when you glance at the elderly woman in front of you at the bank, and her moods range from insanely happy to insanely depressed…in a thirty-minute period!

2. A man-hater who doesn’t recognize a good guy when she gets one. She loves to find a guy who’ll stand there while she takes out her hostility for what other men have done to her. These women have boiling rage at men that can, at any given moment explode. They often carry a great deal of emotional baggage and look down on men accounting a long list of all the injustice and transgressions of every guy they’ve had a relationship with.

3. She can’t decide if she wants you or someone else. She can’t decide if she wants to have a relationship or just fool around. One week she wants to have an endless party, and the next she’s talking about having babies.

4. You begin to realize that no matter what you do, no matter how much you let her run your life, it’s still not good enough. This woman can be spotted by her persistent scowl and delusional thoughts of her superiority, and once she realizes that “you can’t do anything right,” she’ll take over living for you.

5. She can’t get along with her own family, has no love for her parents and can’t stand your friends. As a matter of fact, she never has a good time in any situation and does her best to make sure you don’t have a good time as well. In her mind, the world is against her–so avoid jumping into “battle” with her.

If you see any of these danger signs, stop before you make an emotional investment. There are problems that your love and good intentions can’t fix. Avoid getting in relationships with abusive women. Hang in there and keep looking for the woman who is normal, healthy, and single.

–DFTM, Echo Eidetics


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