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Dating Girls Who Club

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Dating Girls Who Club

Club girls are nothing more than fantasy women whom every man lusts after. They have beautiful faces with full lips, big doe eyes, great legs, and all the curves you could ever ask for. The problem in dating these women is that they love to wear clothes that also show off her great assets not just to you, but to every Tom, Dick and Harry on the street.

These are the party girls that you see in the clubs with a different guy every night in short skirts dancing to the latest sexually charged song with their hands on the floor and butts in the air showing everyone what God gave them.

While some of these women at clubs say they’re “just having a good time”, they’re dressed up in sexy clothes (obviously to get attention from men.) A man seeking a serious relationship would have to question women who allow complete strangers to come up behind them and grind their privates with only a thong separating it from being intercourse. These women are more than likely to hang around in the clubs without you and act like they’re single for the most part. They don’t just demand a large amount of attention from you, but they seek it from other men as well.

Another problem with dating club girls is dealing with the countless amounts of men that will stare when the both of you go out in public. One man is never going to be sufficient for this type of woman. You can tell this type of woman how much you love her and how gorgeous she is, but in her mind your compliments rate right up there with stares from strangers.

Don’t even consider starting a long-term relationship with these women who put themselves in positions where the temptation and ability to stray is significantly high. A club girl may give you the screw of a lifetime, but keep in mind that club girls are simply booty call material and they are definitely not wife material.




    The only problem I find with the article on Club Girls is that it seems like it was written by a “brotha” that got his heart crushed by one. I’ve dated club girls, church girls and girls I’ve worked within my sixty years on this earth and I married a girl that looked like the one in the red suit above and stayed married to her for fourteen years. A man that IS a man isn’t going to be concerned about her being looked at by other men. His concern is when men DON’T look at her because she’s either a girl with a really bad rep or she’s just a two legged K-9 in need of a leash.


    Club girls always appeal to the outer man, not the inner man. The inner man always wants a woman that’s like his mother in the sense that she was the one that gave him life and loved him no matter how bad he was or what he did. Club girls aren’t necessarily bad, they’re just living their lives minus the inhibitions and limitations most men put on them, but if you can get their attention you need to be your own “pony express”, ride that stallion until it’s time to change stallions. The true problem is that the heart begins to play a vital role in any male/female relationship and when it’s the man who loses his heart to her, it’s HIM that’s in trouble, not her.


    Not sure but I think this girl in the red is Mileena Hayes and if it’s her, dressed like this she can get away with murder ’cause that’s a “killa look”.

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