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Escaping The Friend Zone

Escaping The Friend Zone

It’s amazing how many guys get stuck in the “friend zone.” Getting out of this mysterious zone can seem impossible at times, but it is possible once you stop acting like her buddy and start taking action. Here are 3 steps for getting out of the dreaded friend zone and becoming someone she WANTS to date.

1. Ask her for advice about other women you’re interested in

When you begin asking your friend for advice on dealing with other women, she may actually be shocked to know that other women have peaked your interest and that you’re not just there to listen about her feelings anymore. By openly talking with her about other women and how hot they are, you’ll definitely begin creating feelings of uncertainty and jealousy with her that weren’t there before.

2. Tell her you want to be “just friends” and make yourself scarce

You might think this is a bit drastic, but remember you’re trying to completely shift the nature of your relationship, so it’s necessary to have her completely change the way she thinks of you. Simply tell her that you want to be just friends and become more upbeat and busy. Remove yourself from her immediate radar and begin working on becoming the kind of guy she would find sexually enticing.

Don’t get together with her at the drop of a hat anymore. Wait a day or two or three to return her phone calls. Let her wonder where you are, whom you’re with and where you’re going, and she will hope to cross paths with you more often than you think. Then, after a few weeks, reconnect with your female friend, casually mention a few of the new female friends that you now have.

3. Start dating other women

Now that you’ve set the foundation for getting out of the friend zone by creating an attractive lifestyle where she can’t help but be drawn to you, it’s time to start dating other women. It may take some time, but watching you romance other women and will drive her absolutely crazy.

It’s a funny thing, but women are highly competitive when it comes to in-demand men, and seeing that you have other women who want to date you and are actually happy with you will send her a strong message that will make her rethink her decision to pass you up and put you in the friend zone in the first place. Trust me, if she has any true feelings for you, she will actually begin pursuing you!

–DFTM, MobiusCo Photography




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