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How To Make Her Feel Special On Valentine’s Day

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How To Make Her Feel Special On Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is a once a year reminder that it is extremely important to show your partner a little bit of romance. For most women, Valentine’s Day is a very big deal, so whatever you have planned for February 14th this year, be sure to make it memorable and remember that making her feel special is essential. Make the lady in your life feel special with these 5 Valentine’s Day ideas.

1. Give her flowers and candy (with a little extra)

Let’s say you decide to give something traditional like flowers and chocolates. Put a bit of extra thought into how you deliver them. Have the lady in your life wake up to a trail of rose petals from her pillow to a breakfast prepared by you. Follow that up by presenting her with a heart felt letter that lists all the things you love and appreciate about her.

2. Give her your undivided attention

All your woman really wants on Valentine’s Day is for your world to revolve around her, so giving her your time and your undivided attention is the ultimate romantic gesture. It will mean a great deal to her if you choose to give up the whole day to spend with her, doing things together that have nothing to do with work, paying bills, etc.. Banish the mundane and just allow the day to be about the two of you together. Be thoroughly attentive, listen, and take minute to talk about the future and her role in your life.

3. Arrange the perfect candlelight dinner

If you think candlelight dinners are outdated, you’re wrong. It’s still an experience that can be the perfect ending to a memorable Valentine’s Day–if done properly. Order food-to-go and arrange candles around your table with rose aroma filling the air or take her out to a romantic restaurant for a perfect candlelight dinner with all the works. Let her know that you still love her just as much as you did when both of you first started dating. And more than anything else, let her know that you have never taken her for granted and never will. Then provide her with a special gift that will make her eyes light up in an unmistakable way.

4. Give her a sensual massage and a warm bath

A sensual massage and bath are must-do activities for Valentine’s Day. Treat her to a full-body, sensual massage with scented (and even edible) oils or lotions. You can also mix some of her favorite songs to help set the mood. When the bath is ready, cover her eyes, bring her to the bathroom and open the door to present the scene. Get her naked, put her in the tub and take the water in your hands. Have her lean against you and give her a few sips of champagne. Then, hand-feed her a few bites of the fruits and chocolates you brought for her. Squeeze the bath gel onto the sponge and lather each part of  her body.

Continue massaging her skin as you pour the water all over her, rinsing her off while enjoying the feel of her skin, engaging all of her senses during the bath until she can no longer take it. When she is ready to come out, use one large towel to cover her body and the other to cover her hair. Gently towel dry her off, lay her on the bed and apply her favorite lotion to her body. Although a love-making session will likely follow, the goal is to take the time to spoil your woman silly by making her feel special and giving her a Valentine’s Day she will tell all her girlfriends about.



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