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Mixed Signals From Women

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Mixed Signals From Women

Guys, don’t assume that a woman likes you simply because she smiles and listens to you. Women never say exactly what they’re thinking. Who knows why? Maybe their emotions get in the way. Women act odd and unpredictably, often even more so when they ARE interested in a guy. It makes no logical sense; nonetheless, they expect you to somehow pick up on this. You can learn a woman’s language and use it to your advantage. Here are some common mixed signals women throw at men.

1. She tells you that she needs a little space

In female terms, she thinks you’re boring.This is one of the most obvious signs that a woman is not interested. Even though she should come right out and say it, she’s trying to let you down gently and spare your feelings. If you get into the habit of smothering a woman early in the relationship by clinging to her, fawning all over her, calling and texting her several times a day or worse, acting like she belongs to you, you’re asking for trouble, and she’s more than likely going to get scared and cut you loose.

2. She gives you the cold shoulder

The two of you have been dating for a while now, and just when you think things are going good, she gives you the cold shoulder? First, don’t waste time chasing a woman like this, because more than likely she’s too high maintenance to deal with anyway. It’s a waste of time. If you chase her and eventually land her, chances are she’ll be too high-maintenance to deal with. You’d be better off pursuing other women. When you stop chasing this type of woman and write her off, you’re sending a message that you’re not willing to merely be second place and just another guy who pursues her over and over. When you do this, she’ll often come begging you to take her back.

3. She misinterpreted your intentions

Did she think that the two of you were developing a friendship, while you were hoping to develop a love relationship? Talking to women about other men that’s she’s dated, her female problems, etc… only lands you in one in one place… the dreaded FRIENDZONE!

–DFTM, Frank Antonio


  • Knightshock117

    Good few tips but if they were aimed at scaring guys from blind dating… Mission Accomplished. I do wonder though.. Who is that Bodacious Babe in the title pic ?

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