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The Importance Of Making Female Friends

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The Importance Of Making Female Friends

Regardless of what type of relationship you are looking for, keeping attractive female friends in your life can improve your current success with women without having to deal with any kind of anxiety over approaching women.

Keep in mind we’re not talking about being stuck in the FRIENDZONE here. What I’m talking about is making friends with women in order to tap into their psyche and to find out what they like the most, what their dislikes are, their mood swings, and many other important traits about their personalities. Being friends with women allows you to see them as having their own struggles and provides you an opportunity to understand them.

Having female friends allows you to see them as human beings and allows you to appreciate them on many different levels. Making female friends is one of the quickest ways to be comfortable in your own skin; however, being friends with women to generate attraction is not about listening to their problems with men or discussing makeup tips with them. Being friends with women means acting the way you do with your male friends.

A woman is usually good at distinguishing if you are frequently around women. Interacting more with women will help you to improve your social skills and learn exactly how to generate attraction with them without having to use old memorized pick-up lines.

Having female friends gives you practice at managing relationships and can dramatically improve your dating. Visualize your interactions with women as practice dates and you will begin to understand relationships as real-world bonds of trust between you and another person instead of a no-holds-barred sexual buffet of “what can I get.”

Remember, having female friends is good thing. It gives you women in your social circle with whom you can socialize, making it easier to meet other women for possible romantic relationships. Keep these friendships intact and they’ll introduce you to TONS of available women.



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