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The Traps Women Set

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The Traps Women Set

Some women aren’t content just to be happy. Their brains are wired differently than ours and they crave conflict, drama and instability. They like to start fights over nothing. Because they need and want to be constantly reassured, they thrive on insecurity. They are emotionally-driven creatures and this is why they test men by constructing damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t traps to put a man’s commitment, loyalty and motives on trial.

Most of these traps come across as innocent questions or offhand remarks when in fact, they’re designed to make you fail. This trapping may be a ridiculous and childish game that lots of manipulative women force men to play, but there’s no way you can avoid it, so the trick is to learn how to effectively side step them. Here are some of the most common questions women use to trap men, along with some good responses you should give.

1. “What are you thinking?”

The classic trap. Women believe that the sun and universe revolve around them. So when she asks this question, what she really means is, “Are you thinking about me right now?“ Her female psychology drives her to imagine that she dominates your thoughts twenty-four hours a day.

Good responses:
• ”I was just thinking how pretty you look today.”
• “I was just thinking what a lucky guy I am to even know you.”

2. “Do I look fat?”

What she’s really asking is, “Do you still think I’m sexually attractive, This is a tough one especially if she knows she’s fat and hasn’t been to the gym in a while.

Good responses:
• Look at her in utter amazement that she could even ask such a question.
• Don’t answer directly. Instead, say something like, “You’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen.”

3. “Are you attracted to my brains or my body?”

This is female talk for ”Did you hook up with me just because I have a big butt?” It’s the perfect female trap. If you answer that it was her intelligence and great personality that initially got you interested, then she’ll come back with, “Oh, so you think I’m ugly?”

Good response:
“You know what’s so great about you, honey? You’re the perfect combination of beauty and brains. Everything about you turns me on.”

4. “Do you love me?”

What she’s really asking is, “Is this relationship going to end up in marriage or is this just temporary and I’m just wasting my time with you?” Never forget that women look at dating and marriage as businesses, and if she’s not going to realize a future profit, then she will have no further use for you.

Good response:
This is another time to cleverly sidestep a direct answer, so say something like, ”You are the perfect woman. I love being around you.”

5. “How many women have you had sex with?”

What’s really going through her mind are questions like, “How could you possibly have had sex with anyone other than me?”, “Do you still think about these women?”, and “Were they better sexual partners than I am?”

Good response:
“I can’t remember, honey. Since I met you, no other woman matters.”

Remember, what she’s really after is psychological reassurance. These are just a few of the traps women use. They have plenty more traps in their arsenal, so make sure that you’re constantly on your toes or you just might fall in.



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