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Top 10 Signs She’s Just A Tease

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Top 10 Signs Shes Just A Tease

So you met a woman who seemed like that “special” lady who constantly flirted with you. You started developing feelings for her and considered that maybe she was “the one”. However, when you decided to pursue something further with her, something changed. She suddenly withdrew from you and didn’t seem the least bit interested in any kind of romantic relationship with you, saying “Oh, I thought we were just friends.” Face it–you fell victim to the Tease.

The Tease is a master of manipulation. Some of the reasons these manipulative women engage in this ‘teasing‘ behavior is because it gives them wanted attention, an ego boost by impressing other women and assurance that they could in fact have certain men if they wanted. Others use teasing as a means of filling a void of some kind, getting another guy’s attention or to even get revenge on a guy who scorned them. Whatever the reason, these devious women are experts at spotting male vulnerabilities and will flaunt their femininity and their sexuality to get what they want from men and have no intention of being with them.

No man wants to play the fool. Here are the top 10 signs that she’s just a tease so you can recognize this from the get go and walk-away:

1. She has many male friends who call her frequently. She keeps many unsuspecting men by her side, and they all cater to her every whim.

2. She has generally no or very few female friends as other women are competition to her.

3. She doesn’t talk about her personal life and constantly makes herself unavailable.

4. She never comments on how attractive you are. She’s not sincerely attracted to you, she’s just entertaining herself.

5. She keeps conversations constricted to things going on in the moment and will not give you any clues that she wants to be more (e.g., asking you out to dinner or to the movies.)

6. She takes your number instead of giving you hers – She’s doesn’t want you calling her, and has no intentions on calling you.

7. She is not open to being touched. She pulls away when you make attempts at physical contact.

8. She has a hard time focusing on you and plays lots of mind games. Her eyes usually wonder when another guy passes by.

9 . She craves attention and is usually wrapped in shape-revealing clothing with lots of cleavage showing.

10. She is an extremely high maintenance woman, both financially and emotionally, needs many things to be happy, namely lots of money and material goods.

–DFTM, Visual Cocktail


  • Jane DonDiva

    That a damn shame! Lol… smh

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