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Poll: Would You Marry An Openly Bisexual Woman?

Poll: Would You Marry An Openly Bisexual Woman?

If you are in love, would it matter if your  spouse is bisexual? Join in on the discussion and let us know your thoughts.



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  • SamboBlak

    That’s a recipe for disaster….

  • Cutie Candids

    Ingredients 4 complete failure

  • Edmond Isaac

    Recipe for disaster. If you think is cool your stupid. It will be great for all of 24-48 hrs and then slowly downhill from there.

  • ed64

    Any man that wouldn’t is just plain crazy!

  • Bo Reddick

    We’re talking about marriage here people . not a high scoo relationship . if sex is the main reason a man wants to be with her then of course it wont work . but in an agreement such as marriage both parties will have to work to maintain the love . experimenting in the relationship is one thing but if trust becomes an issue than its time to reconsider yhur motives ,

  • mr.shreveport

    No…never share ur wife

  • Cfunn2006

    A couple that plays together stays together. It is about laying down in what context and how it all goes down.

  • Icedace06

    If sex is a big deal to you then yea, you’ll have problems, if youre sexually mature, and you know that sex is not the glue for a successful marriage, then trusting someone sexually aint a big deal either!

  • Jawdroppastudio

    i would never marry a bisexual. she wants a man and a women therefore she is gonna always want something outside of the marriage. if ur marriage doesnt fully satisfy ur mate there is only a matter of time before the marriage falls apart. bisexual women are here for your enjoyment before u get married they are not the ones you marry. lol. man these cats got the game messed up. lol

  • Willis

    I am in a relationship with 2 bisexual women, and we all love each other deeply. It is NOT a high-school relationship. Nor do I consider it a “recipe for disaster.” What is sad is that we live in a world where such a relationship cannot be legal or accepted. The only problem I have with marriage is that, under current laws, I’d have to choose between the two.

  • Dudeguyman

    she better be letting me get a threesome with them, otherwise why should she get all the fun?

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