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Aug 04, 2011

Rihanna And Vita Coco Launch Tropical Fruit Flavor

Rihanna And Vita Coco Launch Tropical Fruit Flavor

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Rihanna is taking brand ambassador to new heights. Through her partnership with Vita Coco, the international pop sensation has designed her own Vita Coco flavor called Tropical Fruit.

The seventh flavor in the Vita Coco portfolio, Tropical Fruit is an all natural luscious blend of coconut water, pink guava, orange, red dragon fruit and pineapple. So it was only right that the Barbadian native co-signed such an awesome taste of tropical perfection.

“I grew up in Barbados – so when Vita Coco approached me to help develop a new flavor, I thought we should combine the natural coconut with fresh tropical fruits – two of my favorite things,” says Rihanna. “It tastes so delicious and reminds me of home!”


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