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Bella Gonzalez

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    Scott Hebert


Bella Gonzalez

My name is Bella Gonzalez. My spiciness comes from being Cuban. I grew up in Houston, Texas. I have a beautiful family; 4 brothers, 2 sisters, and two hard working parents. Aside from acting and modeling I have always loved to dance. My music of choice is salsa which makes me feel so good inside I just want to move. I began modeling in my teens with Millennium Models and just last year I began again. It took a good 7 months of hard training and discipline to get my body to the max. I work hard on maintaining myself. My goal is to do all ranges of modeling.

I’m confident in my performance when I act. I am currently taking one on one courses with Ms. Kate Mcgregor. I want to have a Nonprofit Organization where I travel and give young boys and girls with mental disabilities and cancer patients a make over. I want to show them how beautiful of people they are inside and out. I know that confidence and how people vision themselves is a huge factor on their personality and in many cases can determine their future. We want to make a difference. My team would consist of my glam squad and brands that would like to donate to the cause. Anyone with the same belief is more than welcome to join and contribute. Default image by Scott Hebert.

Vote for Bella Gonzalez

+85 rating of 89 votes

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    Sugar Shane is a Lucky Man.

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    Very pretty……8/10

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    I would like to see what do you think it is a 10/10 …

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