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Chiney Marie

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Chiney Marie

Chiney Marie describes herself as a beauty by nature and a hustler by choice. She may not be far off the mark at all. Nature indeed put together a complex package of Afro-Caribbean, Asian, Irish and Syrian all in one nice Jamaican-American Mix. The tag Chiney is an obvious give away if you’re a “Yardie”. If you have Asian, namely Chinese, roots in Jamaica some where along the line you’ll hear the name. When you where it well you hear it even more.

Originating in Rochester New York, Ms. Chiney Marie now resides in Canada, her second home. Always interested in the entertainment world, she decided to consider a hobby in modeling when a more experienced and prestigious friend in the rap industry encouraged her to do so.

It wasn’t too much of stretch because apparently being in the entertainment field ran in the blood as well. A few of Chiney Marie’s family members, notably her siblings were already in the music and fashion industry. In addition to having close friends who already had ventured in that direction she decide to wade in as well and has been on her way ever since. A few fashion shoots here and there and she was contacted by a photographer who helped to land her first magazine gig. That experience encouraged her to at least continue
modeling as a hobby.

Chiney’s describes herself as petite , her 34-26-36 frame has made her a regional favorite for magazine covers and certainly has been cut and pasted on a few underground album covers. “I would like to push the fact that the modeling industry consists of many different aspects and that height isn’t a challenge in the industry.”

Her ambitions have just begun however. She aims to not only make modeling her professional ambition but also to make her mark in the editorial world. That too may not be a far stretch because Ms Marie already works in the print industry and feels that the experience so far gained in commercial, promotional and print work is a step in that direction. She has done commercial print work for corporate interests, as well as promotional work on magazines, fliers, and posters that can be seen both locally and internationally.

Ms. Chiney Marie says she’s a “true cancer at heart” who is ambitious and eclectic to say the least. True to her mixed heritage she is just as likely to enjoy some Pad Thai and Lo Mein as she would some Beef Patties, (with Cocoa Bread of Course) and Jerk Chicken. Along with modeling and her job in the print industry she is able to juggle being a full time college student as well as being a young mother. At some point she found time to get several years of violin training under her belt and is fluent in American Sign Language (ASL). The busy bee is not afraid to explore her multiple interests with quite a bit of confidence

“I feel I have an amazing ability to write” This is something she has done from a young age. “Of late I’ve gotten my feet wet in the studio..collaborating with prestigious producer Jeffery Leron.  I was always told I could and should sing, but he has been the only one to bring me out of my shell to actually sing in front of anyone.  This is a work in progess!! ”

With such broad ranging interests and talents it’s good to know that Ms. Marie seems to knows hat really matters. “I’m a firm believer in giving back and help out the disadvantaged. I have spent time volunteering for the homeless and am looking forward to volunteering for another prestigious not for profit organization.”

That’s all good but what about the haters ? Anyone that steps out in the public eye knows it certainly isn’t all roses. With recognition often comes trials and not everyone is a supporter . Ms Chiney Marie seems however to take it in stride

“I am thankful for both positive and negative support and recognition, for it is what makes the motivation and the determination to be successful that much worthy. With my ability to physically and mentally attract male or female to my liking, I bring things that pertain to both audiences which is a true essential in the industry. Like I said, I am a beauty by nature and a hustler by choice.” She is Chiney Marie. For booking contact Visit her online at Default image by Pixyst.

Vote for Chiney Marie

+34 rating of 40 votes


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