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Christine Bax

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Christine Bax

Today, let’s meet Christine Bax, a glamour model, actress, and student born in New Orleans, Louisiana and raised in Richmond, Texas, about 30 miles outside of Sugarland. Growing up under the watchful guidance of her parents and older siblings, she developed independence, self-respect, self-sacrifice, and a strong sense of morality. Christine also developed an interest in geology and history, and she was a student at the University of Houston, where she was pursuing her degree in geology and hoped to work in the field of archaeology after graduation. Now she is pursuing modeling and acting full time.

Her modeling career began in August, 2004, where she did some regional spokesmodeling and appeared in a number of urban fashion shows. But her real dream is to become an actress. She appeared in a series of hip hop music videos for artists such as Scarface and DMX, and she also appeared as an extra in the movie Friday Night Lights. Her recent accomplishments include a Houston TV show that she co-hosts called Alternative Scream.

She says her creative influences are Angela Bassett, Aaliyah, Jonathan Davis, Will Smith, Lawrence Fishburne, and Beyonce. She has already performed as a model, a ballerina, a musician, an actress and even script writer. “I have a vigorous schedule and insatiable drive to succeed,” she says, with her winning smile. Hard work, confidence, and prayer, helps her deal with the industry’s challenges. “I always pray to God and ask him for his strength and guidance, and I ask him to help me handle my day-to-day challenges the same way he would handle them if he were in my shoes,” she says.

She cautions all aspiring models and actors to always remember, “Intelligence overpowers beauty – if one doesn’t have much of a personality or common sense, their looks will only get them so far.” As for her secrets to success, she says, “Success is only achieved by those who live it. One can want to be successful all of their lives. They can daydream and talk about it forever. But that does not mean it is going to happen. You must do whatever it takes to make it happen. Sacrifice is the biggest factor when it comes to having success.”

Her words of wisdom: “Get over yourself and be humble and true in all circumstances. Trust in God and he will give you everything.”

Vote for Christine Bax

+124 rating of 260 votes

  • jesus torres

    very beautiful!

  • gremel

    Looking Good !!!

  • Hator Tut

    hot curves ;)

  • Assman

    My God, it’s perfect!!!

  • D

    No need for the cosmetics.


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