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Heather Bianchi

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Heather Bianchi

Heather Bianchi was born, raised, and still resides on Long Island, N.Y. Most know her as being the newest, sexiest video vixen out right now, appearing as lead in several music videos, hitting the covers of magazines, and interviewing all over with radio & dvd companies who inquire about her daily. A lot do not know that Heather Bianchi obtained two degrees in law and landed a full time career before even getting started into modeling, which she still maintains today. She spends most of her time with her son who is always number one and has always balanced her life out perfectly to maintain every aspect of it. “If it’s not work, I’m not there. I don’t party unless it’s for business purposes..I’m about my business, it’s just that simple.” -Heather Bianchi.

Vote for Heather Bianchi

+25 rating of 25 votes

  • Diana

    how old is she? she looks old in person


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