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Anah Mae “The Caramel Foxx”

Anah Mae “The Caramel Foxx”

How did you first get into modeling?

I got into modeling after winning a local swimsuit contest in my hometown of Akron, OH.

What do you think about when in front of the camera?

I try not to think too much so that my facial expressions always come off natural… I just enjoy the moment.

Do you consider modeling to be a lifestyle?

For some people yes, but for me it’s not because on a daily basis I’m really not into being “glamorous”. I don’t usually wear make up and my general style is sexy but I wouldn’t consider myself to be a “fashionista” or anything. I just like being comfortable, cute, and sexy.

How did the name ‘The Caramel Foxx’ originate?

Actually I used it to describe myself in my bio on Myspace and eventually it turned into something more.

Describe to the fans what ‘Eat the Cake’ means.

Hmmm…. Well if you use your imagination it can mean a variety of things lol. I like to think of it as ‘a my girl power statement’ if you will, seeing how my name is Anah Mae people love to say it to me only I’m not Tina Turner so… EAT THE CAKE!!!

Name a few projects you’ve had a chance to be a part of.

Well I’ve been featured in Straight Stuntin’ magazine, Sweets, F.E.D.s, and Stunnaz magazines. I also had the pleasure of participating in the Skin Tones Bikini Contest which later gave me the opportunity to co-host an event for Skin Tones.

What are your biggest assets as a model?

My personality because even though all you see is a face and nice body in a picture, the people behind the scenes see more and building good relationships with people is important to me and it goes further than good looks.

What is one of your favorite experiences as a model?

Most definitely earning the title “Ms Swimsuit Vixen ’08″… that’s what started me on this journey. It was such a fun and humbling experience. I love to dance and I got to work a runway plus I won $500 cash… Cant beat that!

In one word, describe your personality.


What are your measurements?

Well at the time of this interview I’m 34-26-38 BUT I’ll soon be back to my 34-27-42 frame :-)

What are some of the things you like to do in your spare time?

Listening to music is one of my favorite past times along with dancing.

Can you tell us something about you that no one knows?

I’m really shy if I like a guy.

What are some of your turn-ons?

A guy who is cool calm and collective, nice smooth style and not too anxious. I like a guy who can hold his own around me.

Have you ever had a one night stand?

No not with a stranger but I have gave a whack one the boot once upon a time lol.

Have you ever had sex in a public place?

Not really…

What do you look for in a companion?

Honesty, Strength, and Understanding.

What is the best advice you have been given?

Always keep God in you life…

Is there anything that you like to tell your “friendly” competition?

Tell myself I said hello lol.

Name two things you wish to accomplish in 2011.

I would like to write for a major artist and also gain respect outside of modeling with my music.

What is your definition of a Hustlebunny?

ME! A chick who doesn’t depend on her looks or her body to get her in higher places and who’s not afraid to get her hands dirty while grinding… A sexy hustler with a mind of her own ;)

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  • damond salary

    wow! she’s from ohio! awesome! 

  • damond salary

    she’s like the nubian godess on the face of this planet.

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