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Erica Lashay ‘Sexy Damier’

Erica Lashay ‘Sexy Damier’

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Name: Erica “Damier” Lashay
Stats: N/A
Ethnicity: Black
Birthplace: Dallas
Twitter: @EricaLashay
Facebook: erica.lashay
Website: Coming Soon

According to your bio on Twitter you say that you are not a model. Why don’t you consider your self a model?

Models get paid for their services. As of now I am not getting paid neither am I published therefore, I do NOT own up to that title just yet.

Why do you choose to model? For money? Attention/Fame? Self fulfillment?

I choose to model because I LOVE TO DO IT! It excites me, It’s my stress reliever. Of course the money and attention sounds appealing but self fulfillment is the main reason.

How do you feel about being stereotyped simply because you choose to model?

Honestly, It’s one of those thing where you have to be confident with who you are. People are always gonna talk whether you doing bad or good so who cares! I don’t!

How do you value yourself?

I love myself. I’ve been taking care of myself for a VERY long time I will never let me down. The right attitude invites the right opportunity.

As a little girl what is it that you wanted to do when you grew up?

OMG, is funny you ask! I swear I was just talking about this the other day! When I was younger I always said I would be a background dancer in music video, a model or on TV. My family would get sooo mad at me and tell me that was not a real job. Wait till I prove them wrong!

Are there any photo shoots and or video shoots that you regret participating in? If so, why?

Not alt all. I live with no regrets. I appreciate every opportunity I have received whether it had a positive or negative effect. We live and we learn.

What is a pet peeve of yours?

Bad breath!

What are your thoughts on the Amber Cole scandal?

My heart goes out to Amber Cole. No one deserves to have their business leaked to the public eye especially a 14-year old girl. It’s very sad.

What song makes you want to dance like a stripper?

Tyga “Lap Dance” I swear that song does something to me. I turn into “Damier” my stripper alter ego ;) I know a couple stripper moves myself too thanks to the pole in my living room. I’ve never danced before but I would love to get one on one lessons at King of Diamonds in Miami.

Do you have a celebrity crush? If so, who and why do you admire them?

No celebrity crush, although Tyrese… Mmmmm Mmmm Mmm! That man is sexyyy! He is wise, spiritual, successful and has such a warm spirit!

Name an album that helped you through a breakup.

“Beyonce 4″ I just recently got out of a long term relationship. I jammed her CD like everyday!  Her CD is amazing. She is such a beautiful person inside and out!

What is your Definition of a freak?

A freak is a woman/man who has an insatiable appetite for sex and will do ANY and EVERYTHING to please their partner sexually, emotionally and mentally! Someone who is adventurous in bed and has no limits. Can I hit it in the morning?

How important is sex to you?

Sex is VERY important. You have to be able to fill my sexual needs both physically and mentally. Come with it! Don’t bore me just show me. Most men talk but don’t please. I can be a tease but I really want to please you.

What is your sexual preference?

I’d have to say I love me a strong sexy man but the ladies are coming with it.

What is your fantasy and have you fulfilled it?

I don’t really have a fantasy! I guess I really never thought about it. I need help with this one. Fellas’ and Ladies… Tell me your fantasies via twitter @EricaLashay!

Do you find women attractive?

Go check out VH1′s Just Right aka Simply Ophilia at @SimplyOphilia she is sexy as hell. Also Amber Rose and Rosa Acosta. I so will do them… Just kidding ;) (Laughs)

What makes you feel sexy?

Being a woman period. I embrace my beauty flaws and all. It’s so fun to be a woman. We have all the fun sexy stuff. Lingerie, panties, makeup, nails, heels… I’ll throw some 6 inch heels on in a minute and walk around the house in some boy shorts dancing to my favorite song a** so phat I need a lap dance. (giggle)

Do whips and chains excite you?

Rihanna said it first. I won’t be bite unless you tell me to! Owww!

If you were a p*rn star what would your stage name be?

“Damier” That name is just sexy to me. Rolls off my tongue! Dammiierr! Let me hear you say it! =)

How do you maintain your kitty? With a landing strip, bikini or Brazilian wax?

Clean, fresh with a Brazilian taste!

What turns you on the most when your pleasing your lover?

The sounds, the looks in their eyes, the grabbing and smacking of my a** the kisses the list can go on!

When I go to bed I smell like _____?

It depends on what type of mood I’m in. A couple of  my faves: Dove products, Juicy Couture,Victoria Secret products the list could go on!

What do you sleep in?

Naked… I feel so free!

Do you like your man shaved or all natural?

I like a clean trim. Maintain that down there please! =)

What do you do to turn your man on?

Trust me! He knows (wink)

Do you have a favorite (sex) toy?

Yes, her name is “Becky”.

What is the freakiest/kinkiest someone has done to you?

Ummm… Side Eye!

Share a sex tip with your fans!

Follow me on Twitter @EricaLashay to find out more! Love and appreciate all of you who took the time to read this and a special thanks to the HustleBunny team!!! Owww! Blows Kiss.

— by Britney Love


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