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Eve Bella “Real Talk”

Eve Bella “Real Talk”

You are an international model… how did that start? I used to live in Europe. That’s where my career started! I was an actress and dancer in different musical projects for 8 years. After that I had my first video shoot with a famous Belgium artist and part of several European advertisements! I met 50 Cent on his tour in Europe and he was the one that actually supported me and made me start modeling. And this just started a year ago.

Where are you from originally? My Mother is from Ghana (West Africa) and my Dad is from Brazil / Germany / USA! He was born and raised in Brooklyn though!

Name a few places you’ve traveled to and what’s your favorite dish? Well damn…. Ghana, Brazil, Nigeria, Togo, Ivory Coast, Spain, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, India, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Romania and UK. I was born and raised in Ghana so I gotta’ say my favorite dish is fufu with chicken soup lmfao. GOOGLE IT! I speak 8 languages. I’m interested in different cultures and I learned a lot from the travelling or at the university.

What are some of the projects you’ve had a chance to be a part of? European TV commercials, German musicals like The Lion King, background dancer for Marques Houston, Omarion, Tyga, Video: Mata – Miss Phat Booty, Video: Tony Yayo – Obama (directed by 50 Cent), fashion shows in Italy, Spain and France.

You have a huge following… What would you consider to have been the icebreaker? I think the icebreaker was the time when G-Unit shouted me out all over the net! They really supported me and showed me mad love!

How was it working with G-Unit? G-Unit was on tour all over the world and I went to one of their Shows. I caught G-Unit’s attention and they asked me if I wanna’ be part of a spontaneous video shoot for Tony Yayo, directed by the one and only 50 Cent. That’s when I got to know them and the first step to our friendship was made. They took me as their sister and I went with them on tour for a couple more shows. 50 Cent is a so smart and respectful guy. He is funny and down to earth and I never ever met an artist and person like him before. He got all my support and respect. He knows what he does and he is a focused man. He actually made me realize that I can model lol… and he made me take this modeling thing serious.

Do you think that accelerated your career as a model/actress? Hell yeah. Everyone knew who EVE BELLA was overnight lol… and it brought me many bookings from all over the world!

Ultimately, what do you plan on gaining from your modeling experiences? First of all I love fashion and the art of photography! I just love looking good lol. I love travelling and meeting new people and countries! I really do it with a passion. Since I’m still a law student and pursuing my Master of Laws, modeling will always be something I do as a sideline.

You are a true hustler. What inspires you the most? Real talk? 50 Cent! I’m not trying to apple-polish lol… but he is a person that does MORE than just be an artist. I want to expand my modeling in so many various ways as well!

Do you consider modeling to be a lifestyle? Yes, it is! As a model you live a totally different life. You eat different, you dress different, and you behave different on the streets lol. Especially ‘cause the spotlight is on you. People (fans, haters, and the media) watch you 24/7 so you have to time exactly what and how you do something! And when you are a successful model you live the *Hollywood lifestyle* lol… nice cars, nice clothes and stuff.

What body part of yours attracts the most attention? Well my breast and my butt lol. They huge… cough cough.

What are your measurements? 36DD-30-48

What are some of your hobbies? Dancing, shopping (I’m a girl lol), travelling, kickboxing and boxing (I’ve been doing that for over 10 years now), handball and piano (I’ve been playing piano for 15 years now).

Are you single? If so why? Yes, because I’m too picky and too much of a woman to handle lol. I’m independent and very mature for my 23 years. I need a REAL man to handle me GOOD and be on my level mentally and physically haha.

I see you… I like you… How do I get your attention? It’s hard to get my attention and to KEEP me interested. But I love smart, cultivated, outgoing, funny, focused, and God fearing MEN with a fresh swag. If you want to get my attention just have one of these personalities. Make a good joke or say something with sense… oh and LOOK GOOD haha!

Name one turn-off. Bad breath.

Can you share something interesting with us that your fans don’t know? Hmmm, well I’m a open person so they know almost EVERYTHING! I would like to say and make it clear that all the hair you see is my REAL hair! And yes… my breast and booty is real too!

Where do you see yourself in 3 years? Being a lawyer (district attorney) and a well known, high paid model. I wish to be married and a good wife to my husband!

If you had your own reality show, what would it be called and why? Everybody Hates Eve! LOL or Everybody Hates and Love Eve! Simply because I’m a real a** mothafu**er! Some people don’t like me because I say what I think straight up! Some people are too weak to take the truth! Lol I got that African mentality and no one can play with this b*tch right here. PLUS I know that some people don’t like the fact that I just started modeling and I’m already blowing up! At the same time I got many supporters and fans that simply love the realness of Eve Bella.

Clue us in on some of your upcoming projects? Magazine shoots for features and cover like Stunnaz, Stacked Sports, Mafia, D1, Exquisite Curves and many more. Sexy Calender shoots and of course more videos with G-Unit and other artists! Moreover there is a major project planned with a famous artist. I can’t talk about it yet but it will be THA SH*T lol. Just keep yourself updated on Twitter @EvEliciouzPKF and my website will be done SOON

Any shoutouts? Shoutout to my manager @imMrMakeitHAPPN! Will Daniels! He ain’t just my manager but also my good, good friend! Shoutout to my G-Unit fam’ of course and my lovies @StunnazMag, @CayenneWesley, @WINNIEB4EVA, @TheWorldofWes, @Nelly_Mo, @Grindzone, and @DjUnk. And of course all of my supporters and fans for keepin me motivated!

What is your definition of a Hustlebunny? A Bad A** B**** that is focused and on her grind 24/7.

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