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Karmen Bell “The Mistress”

Karmen Bell “The Mistress”

What are your biggest assets as a model? Definitely my personaility… I get a ton of respect because everyone knows how real I am and how comfortable I am with my body. They love that.

What do you plan to get from modeling? I plan to be a household name like Jenna Jameson minus the porn lol.

How does it feel to know that men and women fantasize about your pictures? It’s such a turn on.

What is your favorite body part? My smile and lips are super sexy.

Have you ever been a stripper? Umm that’s what I am now lol.

Would you do porn? Yup… I do it all day everyday with my #1 but for our eyes only.

So what is your sexual preference? I love everyone I don’t discriminate lol.

Does that means your into other girls? Duh I got a main bitch got a mistress lol.

Do you like to be in control during sex? I love to be in control.

Are you a screamer? Just like a porn star lol.

What’s your favorite sexual position? Doggy style!!!!

Are you into anal sex? Isn’t everyone? If not then you don’t know what you’re missing.

So tell me this… Have you ever tried something in the bedroom that you regret and would never try again? Never!!!!!

What is the freakiest thing you have ever done? I’ve had sex at the zoo with the flamingos watchin lol.

So we assume that you like having sex in public places? All the time at least once a week lol.

What is the freakiest thing someone has done to you? My #1 would kill me if I answer this.

Do you prefer to f*ck or make love? Definitely love to f*ck!!

Do you enjoy giving head? I enjoy pleasing the other person… yes!

Does that ever make you gag? Gagging is the best feeling in the world hehe.

Spit or swallow? Spitters are for quitters and I’m not a quitter.

Would you let someone cum on your face? Just don’t get none in my hair.

So what is your master sex move? I can give head on a handstand lol.

What’s the largest amount of people you’ve had sex with at one time? Umm… I plead the fifth lol.

Do you ever masturbate? Never!! Toys are wack and I’m too lazy to use my hand lol.

What is one sex tip you would like to share? Learn how to give good head and your man/women would never leave you.

Do you consider yourself to be the perfect blend of sexy? Yes I have the looks, brains, body and personality.

What is your definition of a Hustlebunny? A “Hustlebunny” is being super sexy and a being a buisnesswoman. Someone that will stop at nothing to get what needs to be done and looking super sexy while doing it!

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Image by Latigid Photography


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    than pretty pictures and good positions.

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