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Miss Diva ‘Beautiful To Sexy’

Miss Diva ‘Beautiful To Sexy’

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Name: Miss Diva aka KY’s Miss Diva
Stats: 34D-28-40
Ethnicity: African American and Blackfoot Indian
Birthplace: Mayfield, KY
Twitter: @KyMissDiva
Facebook: Kentucky’s Miss Diva
Website: Coming Soon

How is life living in Kentucky?

It’s good but I’m ready to leave, I love being raised from a small town, everyone is really family oriented, and everybody knows everybody so it’s a good place to raise your kids, get an education, and retire, but with my personality I need to be somewhere a little more busy.

What makes you a Diva?

I used my struggles as motivation to be a self made, independent woman, all while being sexy, sassy, and sophisticated. I can hold my own in a business setting, ace a hard test at school, kick it with the thugs on the block, and take care of home all at the same time.

Why do you choose to model? For money? Attention/Fame? Self fulfillment?

Neither really, I am using my modeling as a stepping stone to break into television, I’d love to be a TV or radio host. I have some experience but my dream is to own my own Production company like Oprah or work in music like Russell Simmons. Those to are my biggest role models right now.

How do you value yourself?

Well, I’m not perfect but I try to stay humble and grounded at all times. I am very loyal, and straight forward, outgoing, and compassionate about life, my family, my friends, and my career.

As a little girl what is it that you wanted to do when you grew up?

Every since I can remember I’ve always wanted to entertain, I remember telling my Mom and my grand-mother that one day they were going to see me on TV.

How does your family feel about what you do and the photos you take?

My dad (who is a Pastor) isn’t really supportive, but our relationship has been rocky anyways for the last 10 years so that’s pretty much not a surprise to me, but most of my family is very supportive, they have their worries because people are crazy in the world now and they don’t want anything to happen to me, but the see what it is I’m trying to accomplish and support me, and I’m so thankful to God for that.  I love my family each and everyone of them.

How does it feel to know that men and women fantasize about your pictures?

At first it was weird to me, cause I went from being called beautiful to sexy at first I wasn’t even ready to adjust to being “sexy” myself because I never really seen myself in that way but it does boost your confidence a little bit. I love my lesbian fans they are the GREATEST! But you can’t let the compliments get to your eager. I try to let all my fans know how much I appreciate the time they take to buy a magazine, or like or comment on a picture or website I’m featured on.

Are there any photo shoots and or video shoots that you regret participating in? If so, why?

YES! I am my own worse critic, I want state any specific names because I’m still growing and getting better myself so I can’t blame what I don’t like on anyone but myself. I have been doing everything on my own for the most part so I have never really had anybody tell me what to do, what I shouldn’t do, but I do have that help now so I am able to take things more seriously and research who I should work with and what I want to be seen as.

What is your favorite drink to order when you are out?

RHYTHM!!! If you don’t know what RHYTHM is check out the placements in DJ Drama “Oh My” Remix video or Verse Simmonds feat Kelly Rowland’s “Boo Thang” video!

What’s one of your favorite places to eat and what do you order?

I am such a picky eater, I don’t like trying new food items I get nervous lol. But I tried this Chicken Marsala at this place called Carrabba’s and oh man, it was GREAT! LOL! I LOVE to eat, but only things I know I like lol.

What song makes you want to dance like a stripper?

Big Sean “Dance” that’s my SH*T!!! lol!

Name an album that helped you through a breakup.

Any album by Tank he is one if not my favorite R&B singer very talented man.

What is your definition of a freak?

A Person willing to explore and try new things, and finds pleasure in pleasing not only receiving ;) yeah baby!!! lol!

Would you rather spar in bed or make love?

SPAR me! lol!

What is your sexual preference?

Strictly D*ckly.

What is your fantasy and have you fulfilled it?

Hum… I guess it would be a new location, I’m pretty spontaneous already but their are some places I’d like to have sex at with that man I love, an airplane would be fun.

Do you find women attractive?

Yes! Don’t we all?

What makes you feel sexy?

When I can wake up, throw on some jeans, some heels, and some lip gloss with no make up on and still be confident and show it. Sexiness is something you have to have within as well.

How do you maintain your kitty? With a landing strip, bikini or Brazilian wax?

I’ve got a Brazilian wax about 3 times and the shit HURTS!!! But now I use VEET and it works great. But to answer your question clearly “she wax it all OFF, Mr Miyagi” ha ha.

What turns you on the most when your pleasing your lover?

The sounds he makes and the facial expressions for sure.

When I go to bed I smell like _____?

DOVE I’m addicted to everything by DOVE.

Favorite place to be intimate?

I like having inside dick so my choice would be OUR home *emphasis on OUR* lol.

What do you sleep in?

T-shirt and panties, and I may be the only woman who actually sleeps in her bra lol (unless it’s a strapless bra then I just take it off).

At what extent would you go to please your man?

There shouldn’t be any rules in the bedroom, BUT I do have my standards, and that’s for my man to know and to find out ;)

Do you like your man shaved or all natural?

Too much hair is a turn-off but shaved would kind of make my raise and eye lol so I’m going to say groomed/trimmed lol.

What do you do to turn your man on?

WOW!! Let’s just say I’m VERY creative… from the phone to in person.

Do you have a favorite (sex) toy?

Not really, I prefer the real thing.

What is the freakiest/kinkiest someone has done to you?

That’s personal ;)

Share a sex tip with your fans!

Follow me on Twitter I’m sure you will see plenty on there ;) lol.

— by Britney Love


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