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Ms Dazzle “Ventures Of A Sexy Nerd”

Ms Dazzle “Ventures Of A Sexy Nerd”

How did you first get started in modeling? Well I actually just started a few months ago. I wanted to give it a try so I booked a test shoot and have been shooting ever since.

What can you tell us about your first shoot? It was a little awkward when I first started but playing music always relaxes me so I just went for it. Everybody liked the results.

What are your biggest assets as a model? My personality and spirit honestly. I’m fun and easy to work with and not scared to try new things. I’m still friends with everyone I work with. Being cute doesn’t hurt either.

What body part of yours attracts the most attention? My lips and eyes first. Everyone has the same thought when they see my soft juicy lips lol. But my eyes tell a lot… or so I’m told.

The biggest misconception about me is… That I’m a stuck up bitch (Am I allowed to cuss on here). People usually don’t think I’m going to be as chill and laid back as I am but I have a great sense of humor so they usually apologize for thinking I’m snooty when they look at me. Pretty doesn’t equal prissy with me.

What are some of the projects you’ve had a chance to be a part of? I have been fortunate to work with some of the best photographers out. So far that has landed me a few features and I have even more coming up. I think everything is a blessing and I’m very grateful for it all.

What are your hobbies? I am a writer at heart, poems, songs, stories you name it and I’ll write it. And I love dancing! Music is also a passion of mine so I’m usually listening to it no matter what I’m doing.

Relationship Status? Well… that status is always single. Currently accepting applications though lol.

Ever had a one-night stand? Definitely not. First off, I’m way too spectacular for anyone to just hit it once and bounce… but I also love passion and romance that comes from knowing that person. The longer I’ve known you the more comfortable I am with you i.e. the further we will explore.

Do you consider yourself a sexual person? *naughty grin* I’m very sexual, but I own my sexuality and love it. I venture and try new things to excite me and my partner of course. But I’m not shy about sexuality, it’s a beautiful thing.

Ms Dazzle Ventures Of A Sexy Nerd

What turns you on? My birthday suit LOL j/k. Confidence is so sexy. You have to have something that just shines through your personality and has me hooked. I also like tattoos OMG…give me a moment… Well we just have to click, that chemistry that you can’t deny. Oh yeah dominance gets me every time, don’t be scared to take control of me.

What are some of your turn-offs? Low self esteem is so unappealing, if you don’t like you then why would I? Being phony or lying is annoying and never try to show off or brag. Let me like you for you, that includes the good bad and ugly and I care more about the connection we have on a personal level then any materialistic things.

Have you ever tried something in the bedroom you vowed never to do again? Nope. I usually finish and say “Wow, I have to do that more often” Lol no regrets just fond memories.

When it comes to sex, do you like to be in control or taken control of? I like both. Sometimes I want to be submissive and be controlled and told what to do. Other times I like to take the lead, power is sexy. Just depends on the day and what role playing is going through my mind.

What’s your fetish? Fetish… I don’t know if I have any fetishes. I usually just try everything that comes to mind so I don’t have to dream about it.

How does it feel to know men (and women) fantasize over your pictures? I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty awesome. Everybody likes to be desired. But I appreciate the fans even more that reach out and try to get to know me and respect me once they learn more about me. Being someone’s naughty fantasy is kind of arousing though.

What is a special characteristic about you that most don’t know? I’m a walking source of knowledge. I’m currently in college working on a double major and minor. I am a very SEXY NERD and just like learning new things no matter what it is. And I have a wild imagination. I’m just a real cool chick in general not to toot my own horn but toot toot. I also do a lot of charity work and community service, mostly with the youth because giving back and helping puts life into perspective.

If you had your own Reality TV show? What would it be called and why? “Ventures of a Sexy Nerd” because that’s who I am. I’m very comfortable with my sexuality but I’m a proud nerd and take pride in my education and bettering myself.

What is your definition of a Hustlebunny? A woman who knows what she wants and goes for it. Someone who you automatically think is beautiful but once you get to know them and see their determination, they become even more attractive to you.

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