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Stasi Quinn ‘Bad Girl’

Stasi Quinn ‘Bad Girl’

Name: Nastasia Townsend (Stasi Quinn)
Ethnicity: Black, White and Puerto Rican
Birthplace: Sacramento, CA
Twitter: @StasiQuinn

How have you adjusted to your new found fame?

I’ve adjusted pretty well to being in the spotlight. The hardest part is remembering that I can’t leave the house looking any kinda way. I’m such a laid back sweat pants no make-up kinda girl, but with everyone wanting to take pictures I try to remember to get decent but I guess old habits drive hard!

Are you pleased with how you were represented on the BGC (Bad Girls Club)?

I can’t really complain about the way BGC portrayed me. I can say that they only showed one side of me! I’m really laid back, I love to have fun and take care of the people around me the evil Sagittarius side of me only comes out when pushed. Unfortunately, I was pushed a whole lot LOL.

What is the biggest misconception people have of you?

It’s a tie between everyone thinking I’m mean and mad all the time or they think I’m 6 feet tall 400 pounds! Neither one of those statements are even close to true. I’m so goofy and love to make people laugh and I’m only 5’3 ½ on a good day and even at my biggest I never broke 200 pounds!

Any advice for girls wanting to become a ‘Bad Girl’?

Before anyone makes the choice to step into the BGC house I would tell them to be 100% sure that you know who you are and that you love it and own it. Putting your life on display for the world is not for everyone. I promise you if you don’t really love who you are the comments and hatred will break you down!!!

Besides being a ‘Bad Girl’, what else are you good at?

I have been blessed to be one of the people who can do any and everything I put my mind to. I’ve been writing music since I was 8 yrs old and modeling and acting always came so natural to me. Now I’m designing clothes and jewelry, the sky’s the limit for me at this point.

What are you currently working on? Music? Acting? More Reality TV?

I’m working on so much! I’m currently righting a book and starting a non-profit organization. I’m working on a mixtape as well as a tu-tu, corset, and jewelry line. I joke about it, but I’m seriously the hardest working woman in reality TV!

What drink do your order when you go out?

Ciroc and Red Bull.

Name 3 albums you would consider to be classics?

R. Kelly – Chocolate Factory, Usher – Confessions, and Mary J. Blige – Whats The 411. I’m a R&B head.

What is a pet peeve of yours?

My biggest pet peeve is dirty women!!!

What were you doing before you stepped foot into the “Bad Girls Club”?

I was working a 9 to 5 and had just been accepted into training program to be a flight attendant for Delta Airlines, which has always been my dream job!!! I honestly debated between going on the show or taking the job.

What type of men are you attracted to?

I love swag on a man, a little rough around the edge but not a thug. I’m not really attracted to the pretty boy type. I have a height fetish too but that’s not a requirement just a hobby. I like to climb tall trees lol.

In your opinion, what makes someone a freak?

I believe a freak is someone who is open with their sexuality. Someone willing to try anything at least once and always down to have a GOOD time no matter where at or who’s around!

What is your fantasy and have you fulfilled it?

I have a few fantasies but if I told you I would have to kill you =) I’ve fulfilled a fantasy or two but for everyone I check off the list they very easily can be replaced!!!

How important is sex to you in your love life?

I would say sex is about 85% of a functional relationship!!! I’m a man at heart lol.

What is your ultimate turn off?

My ultimate turn off has to be bad teeth… ewww just nasty!

What lingerie makes you feel the most sexy?

I feel most sexy in a wife beater and boy shorts.

Do whips and chains excite you?

No whips and chains for me but I’ll take a nice spanking and being tied up any day.

What turns you on the most when your pleasing your lover?

I’m a huge pleaser whether it be in the home front, the kitchen or bedroom and it’s the same across the board, it’s that look they give you when they can’t think of the words to say… and I be like yup! I did that hehehe toot toot.

Do you talk sh*t in the bedroom? Give us a quote!

I do talk sh*t but I’m mostly a nasty talker… “You like it when I do that yea… yuuum” and when I know I got you I giggle a lot.

Favorite place to be intimate?

I like that last minute hurry up before somebody come places we know damn well we not suppose be or that all night on the counter, then the table, then the shower, all over the house uuummm huuum.

Do you have a sexual fetish? Please share!

I have a thing for sex toys =)

The Bullet or Rabbit?


What song makes you want to dance like a stripper?

It Seems Like You’re Ready by R. Kelly.

If you were to role play, who or what would you be?

Role playing is a blast nothing like pretending to be someone else in the bed… right now I’m on this Michelle and Obama thing!!! I just wanna play out what I think they are like in bed… I just know Michelle a freak on the low and be giving Obama’s ass the business. DON’T JUDGE ME!

Are you more submissive or dominant in the bedroom?

I’m dominant but I love to be put in my place. Throw my ass across the room hehehe.

Share a sex tip with your fans!

Kegel exercises are a must.

— by Britney Love


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