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Last Modified: Nov 26, 2012

Italia Kash

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Italia Kash

Italia Kash is an internationally published model, entrepreneur, and humanitarian born in Orange County, California. By the age of 18 Italia started appearing in pages of magazines and launching her career as an international model. Her riveting mix of Egyptian, Lebanese and Cuban and her curves measured at 32-25-36 make for a stimulating work of art no matter what pose she is in. From music videos, to international appearances, to magazine covers, Italia Kash, understands how to captivate her audience. She enjoys working with some of the best photographers in the industry including Michael Vincent. During her free time, Italia Kash enjoys hitting the gym 5 days a week to make sure she puts every curve in its place on her body. Since Italia is single, her black Pomeranian dog named ‘Compton’ keeps her busy until she finds the love she’s looking for. Italia Kash is also a skilled competitor and brilliant in business as operator of her own real estate management company, Toochi International, Inc. At work or play, Italia feeds on competition. She’s a winner. Her next venture, titled Lexotic Entertainment, will offer unconventional transportation services for the elite traveler. As an Aries energetic, free, and independent Italia is part of a family whom keeps close ties with each other and are highly-successful business minds. An humanitarian at heart, Italia has a realistic view of today’s world. She’s currently involved with and donates regularly to three charities; Hands of Africa, the Green Peace Corp, and House of Stella. Look for Italia Kash on her upcoming website for information on her print work, commercials, celebrity appearances, movies and television shows. Default image by Phillip Farone.

Vote for Italia Kash

+6 rating of 18 votes


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