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Last Modified: Feb 18, 2013


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    James Rich



Hello all! My name is JaJuan (Pronounced Juh Whon) aka JJ. I am a very soft spoken and laid back person. I was born and raised in Denver Colorado, where I currently reside. I love living in Denver! It is a very beautiful city! My Birthday is January 8th so that makes me a very sensual Capricorn I am a HUGE sports fan. My favorite sport is football. I am the #1 Oakland Raiders Fan (Through thick and thin Raider Nation!) People often wonder how can I be a Raider Fan and reside in Denver. Well it’s a family tradition! lol I also love basketball (Go Nuggets!), hockey, soccer, baseball, and Lacrosse. I have always been very athletic. I ran track, played volleyball, soccer, and basketball. I also was a cheerleader, and on the dance team in college. I was in dance from age 5 on up. I studied Ballet, Tap and Jazz. So even today I love to dance and I am still very active in sports. I have played in flag football leagues, and I still train with my track buddies. I’ve been modeling for almost four years now. I always wanted to model but did not think I had the figure for it. Like many others I thought the only kind of modeling that existed was high fashion, runway modeling. My modeling career came as a complete surprise. One of the local sports radio stations in Denver was holding a contest. As a result I was selected to represent the station for various promotions. My very first photo shoot turned out really nice for a first timer! The station encouraged me to pursue modeling further. I of course loved it and have been hooked ever since! I’ve happily learned over the years that there are other types of modeling other than just runway. I love modeling, and creating different looks.

Vote for JaJuan

+23 rating of 29 votes


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