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Jhonni Blaze

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    Felix Natal Jr.
    DW Images
    Frank Antonio


Jhonni Blaze

Jhonni Blaze is a sexy model and upcoming recording artist from New York. She is extremely talented and also ‘well equipped’. Since modeling, Jhonni (also known as Jzapal) has been featured in various online and print publications. Her exotic looks and amazing 43″ hips has the industry buzzing. Default image by DGM.

Vote for Jhonni Blaze

+181 rating of 217 votes

  • Solder4395

    my my your photo shot is a heart stopper…..

  • Ricardo Richie Ramosmaldonado

    she is like all the models in this page, very sensual and super sexy, congtatulations to this special page

  • BigHRD2

    i don’t really see any thickness other than wide hips, and pussy
    what I mean anybody can just have wide hips and pussy not
    a thick soft round ass is what I’m looking for especially.

  • justme89

    …….i think shes perfect……..perfect

  • wangson

    doesn’t look human – the lips aren’t real looking…”her” (are we sure “she” was born a, “she”?) eyebrows are alien-like…tattoos look like dirt that didn’t wash off in the shower and “her” ass is so massive that it’s unlikely that she could properly wash the stench out of it. repugnant. but hey – she’s perfect for each and every rap video these days.


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