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Jillisa Lynn

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Jillisa Lynn

I was born in Rochester NY, which isn’t as country as you think just because it’s upstate. I’ve had many obstacles in my life that I’ve overcome which have made me who I am. I’ve attended over 16 schools, have lived in Florida and now California. I was raised by my loving young mother and sister who are also my best friends and biggest supporters. I was a cheerleader during high school but wasn’t the best behaved. It got to a point where I was suspended then eventually expelled. In my senior year I changed it all around to become captain of the team and was also rewarded high honor roll.

After high school I attended college for almost a year before I began modeling. I feel I have time to go back to school but only so much time being young and ready to make my dreams happen. I’ve shot with over 50 photographers in the past three years which have all taught me something and have been blessed to be acknowledged for my hard work. I’ve been in LA ten months and have accomplished a lot from getting signed to an agency, shooting over ten music videos, five movies, three magazine covers, clothing store ads and much more! I am also the face of a new clothing line, Victoria Marie Fashion. I have amazing people in my life always sharing positive energy that keeps me going. I’m very dedicated to achieving success but I’m also a goof who loves to laugh and is very down to earth. Any man who wants attention should definitely be able to humor me. I’m a passionate and affectionate person but not at all needy. I have an addiction to anything with cheese, sweets, gummi bears and combos, crazy that I can keep my figure lol! I’m a people person, love to talk and even at my young age, I have a lot of advice to give.

I have extremely high goals within the next three years to have my own billboard with large advertisements, a lead role in a feature film and it doesn’t stop there. I want to be able to inspire people through my journey to become a success with just dream and hard work.

Vote for Jillisa Lynn

+54 rating of 64 votes

  • Hator Tut

    u r so sexy baby , good luck

  • Hator Tut

    u r so sexy baby , good luck

  • James Brome

    Dear Young Dreamer,

    So you think you are already full of advice~? Where did you get it, some unique place~? Physically, you one of millions of young conceited faces. Only a educated mind will set you apart from the rest. I see you are already down the trail to more self edifying acts, modeling, wanting to star in movies. What movies, not porn~? This is all baloney, that’s where you are going with all these so called sexy shots you have shown here. Actually looking at your pictures you don’t score high at all. Just maybe Hugh Hefner would take you, remember he even turned down Maddona, which put a real wrinkle in her brain for years, if she is even over it now.

    If you really have what it takes, get off this Narcissistic Jag, posing in front of a cameras and strap on some higher education, which won’t wrinkle with age. Right now, your just another face wanna-be famous type. Whoppie~!

  • lcwcwfan

    Great pics of you. Keep rocking babe!


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