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Karma Karamel

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Karma Karamel

Karma Karamel is a rising new model based in Miami, Fla. with a portfolio growing at an astonishingly rapid pace. Blessed with a stunning smile and compelling charisma, Karma studied entertainment management at Johnson & Wales University, but left school when she decided to pursue modeling full time. A sensual mixture of Black, Puerto-Rican, German and French, Karma brings her jaw-dropping “Karmel”-flavor to every photo shoot and turns heads wherever she goes. Since pursuing modeling full-time in March 2012, Karma 23, has displayed her versatile talents in a variety of ventures including music videos, sexy magazine shoots, event hosting and promotional modeling. Originally from Fort Polk, Louisiana, Karma Karmel grew up in a military family, taking the stunning vixen all around the world while soaking up the discipline of her parents and the beauties of diversity. This discipline, Karma says, helps her stay grounded, fully aware that looks only compose a fraction of success in the modeling field. “Looks is only 10% of it,” she says. “The rest is discipline, drive and hard work. And that’s what I feel sets me apart from many girls that may look better than me.”This attitude keeps Karma humble and kind, yet fiercely ambitious while she provides for herself and her one-year old daughter. A former captain of the Color Guard team, Karma is no stranger to center stage.  Karma’s looking to sweep her way through show business. Now completely focused, armed with education, smarts and otherworldly 34-24-43 attributes.


Vote for Karma Karamel

+14 rating of 16 votes


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