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Kendra Lewis

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    Otis Wilson III
    Renegade Studios


Kendra Lewis

Since she was introduced to the scene in 2009, Kendra has been an undeniable problem. Measuring in at 34-27-43, standing 5’7 inches, figure eight curves, with more cushion behind her than a body pillow (yes.. it’s ALL real) referring to the caramel complected trendsetter as merely “attractive” is a HUGE understatement. Born Kendra Lewis (Muskegon MI), Miss Kenge The Model is MUCH more than what meets the lens. Her passion, ambition, and humble open arms to others are all key factors in her success today. Aside from freelance modeling and appearing in numerous HQ music videos with artists such as: Chief Keefe, Willie The Kid, T-D.O.G. and other Midwest artists, Miss Kenge also found time to create “The 4-1-1 Dating Game” for home, while also being awarded model of the year (Grand Rapids Hip Hop Awards). She’s hosted numerous events from showcases to fashion shows to concerts for artists who headlined such as 2 Chainz, Juicy J from Three 6 Mafia, Cash Out, and E40. She’s also made numerous magazine covers and features, for magazines such as Ha Candy, FIYAH, HoodIllustrated Magazine, and many more. Not only possessing the dedication, edge, and confident presence to be a key factor in the game, but also inspire those that aspire the same dreams. Default image by Renegade Studios.

Vote for Kendra Lewis

+28 rating of 36 votes


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