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Laronda Davis

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Laronda Davis

My name is Laronda Davis aka “LADY PASSION”. I’m originally from the Caribbean Island Nassau, Bahamas and I now reside in Miami “Heat” Florida. I’ve always strived for perfection. I’m a unique international individual. Growing up in Miami where violence is a great turmoil but I’ve always maintained my poise to make others and myself happy with my inspirational thoughts, speeches/lectures, and creativity and dancing. My family and special friends are the ones who keep me focused and strong in life esp. my mom Barbara. I was always taught to endure every curve ball (challenge) life throws my way. I go confidently in the direction of my dreams I want to live the life that I’ve always imagined. I’m an aspiring model that prides herself in the “South”. My duty as an aspiring model is to set myself apart from the cliché of self-indulgenced models who speak only to the Haves. My plan is to share my look(s) to the Have-Nots because I am still not categorized until my major breakthrough. Now when the next year comes, I will be in your dreams. Not only will this be life changing but it will change my life.

Vote for Laronda Davis

+65 rating of 69 votes

  • Jock

    I love the dark meat

  • Educated Brotha

    Lord YES. Beautiful dark chocolate goddess who deserves to be worshiped. 
    I will wife her up just so i can worship her everyday…Good post HustleBunny!

  • Educated Brotha

    Nice body on her too… I loves me a woman who stay in shape…. 


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