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LaTeshia B

La’Teshia-B born and raised in Atlantic City, NJ, has always been know for her hip hop and R&B dance moves. She began dancing professionally after she graduated Atlantic Cty High School. She became a choreographer for a pop singer named Natasha on Jive Records for her showcases.

La’Teshia-B experienced new heights and crossed talents when people would always ask the same question, “Do you model”. She was a hip hop and R&B dancer by heart but she found a new hobby in modeling. This woman has multi-talents. Over the course of the years from 2003 until now she was featured on a number of websites, featured as Jet Beauty of the Week, in a number of local newspapers, magazines as well as music videos. Some music videos such as Shawty Lo “Dey Know”, Field Mobb “So Lonely”, Blood Raw “26″s”, Ciara Ft. JD/Nelly “Stepped on My J’s”, Lloyd Ft. Ludacris “How we do in the A” just to name a few.

La’Teshia-B has strayed away from part-taking in music videos, she expanded her resume to feature in movies. She recently filmed as a feature extra in the new movie “Single Ladies” VH1 along side Stacy Dash (set to release 2011) as well as Big Momma’s House. She will also be seen in “Like Father Like Son” (set to release 2011). She is an all around Entrepreneur, she also just started a new business venture (not yet released), keep your eyes open because you never know where you’ll see her next!!!

Vote for La’Teshia-B

+27 rating of 35 votes


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