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Lyneese Cruz

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Lyneese Cruz

My name is Lyneese Cruz and I am an aspiring professional model looking for my big “break” into the fabulous world of entertainment and modeling. I am originally from PG County, MD and have been here all my life. I am 24 years young, single, no kids, stress/drama free, and very independent. I’ve been in the modeling business since 2002, and I first dabbled into it when my university had auditions for the school calendar. Ever since I made the audition, I developed a keen love for modeling and have been working hard to get better and better. Even though I haven’t had my major opportunity yet, I’ve worked closely with some mainstream urban models out there such as Angel and Sasha and often compare myself to the likes of them. I’ve appeared in music videos such as Tabi Bonney’s “Pocket”, I’ve done fashion shows, calendars, promo, etc. I would like to do more music videos and get into some magazines. I honestly feel like I have what it takes to really take the industry by storm with my modeling, and even with my other talents (singing/rapping). I am so ready to take off that my heels are burning from the flames.My measurements are 34-27-42.

Vote for Lyneese Cruz

+12 rating of 14 votes

  • Docsmithy

    Love 1st pic 2nd row, Baby – beautiful deep back curve and gorgeous nipple showing – should have been the feature pic with ur denim ;)


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