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Last Modified: Jan 06, 2014

Maria Millions

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+83 rating of 91 votes

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Maria Millions

Meet Maria Millions. Born in Colombia, Maria Millions aka Ms. Fuego is a bodacious Latin beauty that is heating up the pages of many men’s magazines and websites around the world. Provocative and sensual, she is confident her 34C-27-37 frame will make her millions – hence the name “Maria Million$.” Highly adored in the world of urban modeling, Maria’s goal is to utilize her past success as a catalyst into more appearances in music videos, men’s magazines, TV commercials, print campaigns, the world of fashion, and eventually her own calendar. Default pic by MQ Images.

Vote for Maria Millions

+83 rating of 91 votes

  • Ricardo Richie Ramosmaldonado

    congratulations, very sexy maria millions, the best hottest babe i ever seen

  • Damond Salary

    she look like kim kardashian a little bit. she’s the apple of my heart.


    you were willing to mary a fan
    then we chatted online
    later on the radio you said you were still willing to mary me
    but you never msgd me again
    i think it was a lie. you wouldnt marry a poor average joe
    and so you helped make me feel even more miserable
    and every time i see your picture i wanna die. thank you soo much
    for giving me false hope just so you could crush me
    i hope the publicity of it all was worth it for you

  • Dauntrell Davis

    If you ever come back to this site and read this comment or its not too late & you’re still depressed, please don’t kill yourself . she’s pretty , BUT SHE’S JUST NOT WORTH IT.


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