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Last Modified: Dec 07, 2012

Mindi Stoots

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    J. Lyons
    Doug Ochoa
    Steve Cain Photography
    Rick Cutrone Photography
    Contour Photography
    R Daniel
    RP Rabeiro
    Issac Madera


Mindi Stoots

Mindi Stoots is a 28-year-old model from Jackson, Tennessee. She is known to her friends and the modeling world as ‘MinDelicious.’ Judging by these pictures, it is difficult to disagree with that moniker. A beautiful girl with a sweet Southern accent who knows her way around the family jewels — Mindi’s family owns a jewelry store in Tennessee — Stoots’ biggest goal is to be in Playboy magazine. She entered Playboy’s Miss Social contest in 2010.  Her measurements are 32-23-33. Default image by Aaron Riverroll.

Vote for Mindi Stoots

+3 rating of 15 votes

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