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Mis Genevieve

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Mis Genevieve

I do it all. My career is more than just a career… to me its my life. It’s what I love to do . I give everything 1000% and I’m in it to win! You will see I’m real, I hide nothing and belong in this other life they call Rich & Famous. Everyday I wake up and thank God for the talent he has given me. I stay networking and figuring out ways to better myself for my Future. I’m focused and determined too make it to the top and I will. It’s in my cards to become famous, and it’s something I want bad enough, so I’m chasing it to the Fullest! I have a hustler’s mind, I’m ready to do business, I’m very professional and I’m ready to work with people that are serious about their Craft. Lesgo. -Mis Genevieve

Vote for Mis Genevieve

+27 rating of 37 votes

  • mr. smith

    you are so fly

  • Misgenevieve21

    Genevieve Muller, AKA MisGenevieve AKA MisFame:Model, Music Video Vixen, Car Shows, Magazine’s, Gogo Dance, & Promote:Genevieve Marlina Muller “MisGenevieve” is from the Bay Area, CA, a Sweetheart with a Bad Attitude. Genevieve is chasing her dream as become a Famous Model, Video Vixen, & an Actress. Genevieve grow up playing softball but as always wanted more, she always knew she wanted to be Famous but never thought it would come out to modeling, but she has fallen in LOVE with it. Genevieve is one of those people that come off very Real, and has nothing to hide from the World, she’d rather have everyone know everything then think she was Fake. Genevieve also Gogo Dancers in Sacramento & the Bay Area, Promotes for alot of clubs, & is part of the team 2Xclusive. Genevieve will NOT go down with out a fight, she is willing to go out of her way to help those that are as Serious as she is about her Career, because her career is more then that to her; it’s her Life and Destiny to become FAMOUS!!! Genevieve is always ready for a Challenge, always taken things to the next level. If she’s not at a photoshoot, getting tatted, gogo dancing or working, she is in the gym; Another passion of her’s !! Just be ready for another STAR, because she’s about to Shine. “ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUR HEART & NEVER GIVE UP”, the 2 quotes Genevieve lives by, if you have Faith & Believe in yourself you can do anything :) “


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