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Miss Nique

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Miss Nique

One of the hottest upcoming models to surface goes by the name Of Miss Nique, a beautiful girl from Miami, FL with an Afro Cuban ethnic background. People always assume she is lying because she is too dark or she doesn’t speak Spanish or doesn’t fit the Cuban norms. But nevertheless the historical facts speak for itself. But simple things like that set the 5’7 mocha complexion model apart from many of the others. She embraces her culture in everything she does but simply stated she embraces being different.

With the stats of and petite brick house (34-24-40) and gorgeous distinct facial features she can definitely embrace the commercial side of modeling while still making air stop in the urban community that’s just how versatile her look is. She is working on a degree in Criminal Justice and also wants to get and second degree in Business Administrations.
In her spare time she loves to read autobiographies or listen to various genres of music from country to R&B. Currently her main interest is her modeling career and pushing herself as a future well known brand. Her ambition is to be a C.E.O seeing herself sitting in that black chair at the head of the table.

Always the quiet girl with the book smarts, when she was nineteen a new chapter began. That’s when she formed a friendship with an upcoming photographer who saw something that was there in this undiscovered life size canvas. For several years she just took pictures for fun with this friend than slowly with assurance from him and a growing interest from outsiders, she developed the confidence to begin 2009 with the passion and aspiration to become the next it girl.
With that determination and undeniable spark she will indeed have people constantly saying her name. Her plans is to cross that invisible line with in the modeling business that secretly states that you can’t be on that magazine with those features or you can’t cross over mainstream because people won’t take you serious enough.

Miss Nique embodies strength and is ready for whatever the future embarks, growing up with two brothers she a bit of a tomboy in heels and lets everyone know that.

Vote for Miss Nique

+23 rating of 41 votes


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