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Last Modified: Feb 17, 2011

Ms Dazzle

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    Shawn Darnell
    James Rich


Ms Dazzle

Ms. Dazzle, the 21 year old model of Creole descent, does just what her name says. She dazzles you. This little Libra is the perfectly balanced woman. Raised in Colorado and Louisiana her whole life, she decided to make the move to Atlanta after modeling started to pick up. “I’m a free spirit and I let my heart lead my body on whatever path I design”.

Ms. Dazzle has only been modeling for a few short months and has already worked with noted photographers and landed several features. Not shy in any aspect she’s not afraid to tackle glamour, fashion, bikini, lingerie, or nude shoots. Her body language tells a story that the camera loves. When not in front of the camera you’re likely to find her laying across her bed listening to music and writing.

More than just the sex kitten stirring up your wet dreams, Ms. Dazzle is also a writer and college student. With a strong work ethic she tends to push herself to the limits making any dream of hers come true. But is she more than just beauty and brains? Of course. She’s also the lady that stays in your corner, or just kicks back and chills. So who is Ms Dazzle? She’s the model that gets your blood boiling, the sexy nerd with aspirations, and the woman you thought only existed in fairytales.

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Vote for Ms Dazzle

+55 rating of 73 votes

  • Jock

    She “looks” innocent and she got that body

  • damond salary

    in serving her who love her for iam ver sure its tru. that in serving those around her we serve and please her 2.

  • Damond Salary

    she’s adorable nubian goddess of love

  • Jayjr1988

    hey baby this jay


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