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Raya Reaves

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Raya Reaves

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Raya Reaves seemed to have a typical childhood. From sleepovers with friends to fighting with her younger brother, everything appeared normal. What one couldn’t see was the drive to be something big. At the age of 9 when an after school tutor informed Raya that acting could be obtained through personal determination, everything changed. Raya mailed a school picture to a local talent agency and was immediately booked! The next step was to get professional headshots. All on her own, she called the photographer and had a shoot scheduled. Raya booked her first independent film shortly after and things continued to look up. Acting classes and performances in school plays were just what she needed to perfect her natural ability for performing in front of the camera. As Raya grew older, school had began to take alot more time. By 13, Raya knew that she wanted to attend college in California to pursue her acting career even further. While obtaining an education with this goal in mind, Raya put most of her energy into school. Finally high school graduation came and off she was to California! Raya performed in a campus play and took some college classes to learn new things about acting. Since moving to California, Raya has participated in numerous independent productions and found that modeling is also something she has a natural ability for. Photoshoots seem to be coming by the dozen for Raya and she hopes this will help get her face out there. Currently Raya has finished up her college career with a degree in Finance and has a few projects in the works. Her measurements are 34-24-36. Default image by Risque Curves.

Vote for Raya Reaves

+18 rating of 24 votes


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