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Sarah Keys

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Sarah Keys

Sarah Keys is originally from Philadelphia, She started her life out dancing with various studios and was then accepted into Macy’s Gymnastics academy (USGF Gymnastics team) Training for the Olympics at the age of 7-8. After a couple years she then got accepted into the Rock School of the Pennsylvania Ballet, where she was faced with the decision to pursue gymnastics or ballet; she chose ballet and continued to dance professionally with them and performed The Nutcracker at the Academy of Music for 3 years.

In 1997 Sarah then moved to Maryland where she started her modeling journey. Sarah attended Barbizon Modeling and Acting School at age 16 and got signed to her first modeling and acting agency. She did promotional work for multiple companies and runway shows.

At the age of 18 Sarah branched off to work more independently in the modeling industry, and has then landed jobs on a commercial for “sexy singles date” which has aired on Bravo, E!, CNN HL, Sci Fi and VH1, various online magazines, worked as an extra in a feature film. “Step up 2″, been a featured model on many company websites, shot for music videos, Sarah has shot with some of the most reputable photographers in the DMV, also has modeled for John Ashford Shoe Collection, Versatile, and V Fashion TV. MJD Productions took Sarah on as one of there actresses in 2007-2008 to then have roles in there films “Collide” and “Drug Related”.

2009 Sarah continues her journey as she has many more exciting roles and projects she is working on. Some of them including, modeling for Hardcore Choppers website, model in Likeblood’s music video ft. Clifton Powell, now playing on MTV, Music Choice. Model for the pages of, Sarah is co-hosting a cable show (Hollywood in Washington, DC) Also working on the feature film of Drug Related as her role was expanded from the short film.

Sarah has her second feature with Nutekspeed online magazine along with a couple print magazines to  shoot with and to be featured in. A couple new projects Sarah Keys has been involved with include a feature as Trinity, in Chubb Rock and Wordsmith’s 1st single (Old 2 the New) off their new album “Bridging the Gap” that is airing now on MTV, MTVJ, BET, VH1 and Music Choice.

The Co-OP (Naked) music video, soon to be on MTV, Music Choice, also shot DJ Quicksilva’s music video. This year Sarah was one of the 7 nominees the DMV Entertainment and Music Awards for model of the Year! Already going into 2010 Sarah is nominated for the DMV Independent Music Awards… once again for model of the year. She just shot for the pages of the 1 year anniversary issue, The Kapital Magazine with Artists UCB Gracing the Cover. Sarah has also made her TV debut On the Tyra Show. This year has just begun for this ambitious lady. Default image by Glamour 1 Studio.

Vote for Sarah Keys

+50 rating of 124 votes



  • SamboBlak

    The only thing I can muster is an ignorant ass GOD DAMN…i’m almost speechless

  • Mike

    fuck man, I went to high school with her, I dont remember her being that foxy then… time has been good to you dear


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