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Sarah Oliver

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+33 rating of 73 votes

    Rarshi Bond
    Keith Seraphim
    Michael Vincent


Sarah Oliver

Sarah Oliver is a beautiful and curvy model based in Atlanta, GA. Sarah has appeared in a number of films including the hit movie series Van Wilder. She has also been featured in many prestigious magazines and will be in more to come. Sarah is a great model with a lot of energy and a great personality. She has already made some heavy moves and she is just getting warmed up. Default pic by Rarshi Bond.

Vote for Sarah Oliver

+33 rating of 73 votes

  • Jock

    Not so pretty but an amazing body

  • Johnsonjay236

    Yea and her ass look fake but sum her pics aight.

  • damond salary

    i’ve totally love her picture.

  • damond salary

    i’ve totally love her picture.

  • damond salary

    she can be one of thos girls on charlie’s angels

  • Mike

    Hell no, all around too fake looking. Got a lazy eye too.

  • shsw

    Blah, blonde hair fake boobs Orange spray tan.

  • Georgia Boy

    hey fuck all of ya’ll shit talking bastards Ms. Oliver is 100% real and she ain’t got no lazy eye neither I’v known her for years and she busted her ass getting to where she’s at today ya’ll just jealous because of her success

  • forrest

    she´s a piece of shit. her preference of men is disgusting. no decent man would touch her with a 10 foot pole. either she´s going to get knocked up with 10 bastard halfings or she going to get aids.

  • anony5

    Her face looks really ugly in this picture…


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