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Last Modified: Aug 25, 2013

Sheneka Adams

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Sheneka Adams

Sheneka Adams, from Athens GA, is surely making her stamp around the internet. A self proclaimed nerd albeit sexy nerd has been on her grind since she finished high school. Sheneka has appeared in numerous websites, magazines and music videos. With her striking good looks and amazing frame, its easy to see why she is so popular.

She has been in music videos with Slim of 112 in “So Fly”, did “Marco Polo” with Bow Wow and Soulja Boy and recently was in Mullage Trick’n video. Sheneka also runs a successful blog Vixen Gossip where she drops various topics from gossip to the latest things in fashion.

Sheneka seems to be the type of girl who is self driven and will give it her very all to reach her goals. So don’t be surprised if you see Sheneka everywhere in any media come 2011. Default image by Visual Cocktail.

Vote for Sheneka Adams

+519 rating of 771 votes

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  • Uncle B

    Sheneka is top notch

  • Giorgio Maxwell Maestri

    top one!

  • Turbotoro1977

    one of the best!!!

  • Jock

    Amazingly beautiful…..’nuff said

  • Ice Box Studio


  • Damond Salary

    i truly admirer her photo. wooooooooooooooooooooooooooow! she’s totally yummy and scrumptous.

  • Guest

    Girl in the pix has butterfly tat on the right side and the one in the vid has the tat on the left side. Saw this on a few different website

  • Marvindeanllc

    The most beatful woman on the plant

  • Shuttur

    Check out more pics at –

  • Ruth

    love girls

  • Brian K. Weaver

    So very sexy.

  • Pres



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