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Tracy Obonna

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Tracy Obonna

Tracy Obonna was born to Nigerian parents, but her father’s business ventures meant that she spent most of her early life growing up across the globe. She first lived in Washington D.C., which is her place of birth. She also lived in London England as well as Nigeria. When Tracy was six years old, her parents made the decision to move to Toronto, Canada. Growing up in Canada, Tracy grew a passion for the arts. She participated in numerous school plays and dance recitals. Somewhere in the midst of practicing ballet and tap moves, Tracy developed another passion for both watching and playing sports. In the the sixth grade, Tracy began playing volleyball very seriously… as a result of her hard work combined with dedication, she was able to receive a scholarship to play Division 1 volleyball for Youngstown State University in Ohio. Thus, it was volleyball that eventually brought her back to the United States. After a few years of playing volleyball in Ohio, she transferred to New York where she then applied the same determination and competitiveness from her volleyball legacy to her modeling and acting career.

Moving to New York would prove to be one of the best decisions she made. While in New York, she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Theatre Arts. Tracy would go on to be featured in the music video  for the hit “Pop Champagne” by Jim Jones and Ron Browz ft. Juelz Santana. She has also appeared in various magazines and is continuously being booked to host parties across the country.

Vote for Tracy Obonna

+56 rating of 68 votes

  • Robert

    sweet eyes.

  • BigHRD2

    Nigerian women are naturally thick, Whew very beautiful.

  • BigHRD2

    Tracy Obonna is the cream of the crop born from Nigerian parents, her booty is shea
    butter baby soft as good African booty is.


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