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Vanessa Veasley

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Vanessa Veasley

My name is Vanessa Veasley. I was born and raised in the Main Line suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. I later moved to Atlanta to attend Clark Atlanta University. While at Clark I went on a few assignments at some local modeling agencies and was told I had a great look, but needed to slim down my curves to book work as a model.

One day I was introduced to Randy Marshall of Fat Cats; he put me down with a casting agency, and the following week, I booked my first two music videos, “Trans DF Express” and “Welcome to Atlanta” where I had a speaking part. I instantly fell in love with the hip-hop side of the modeling world. A place where curves and ethnic looks are celebrated.

From a young age my mother taught me to embrace my body and budding sexuality. That they are gifts not to be ashamed of. They are in harmony with your intelligence and sensibility, not traded for them. This outlook on life has been a great help in my career. I don’t see my sexuality as a weapon, but as a part of my spirit. I don’t see other models as enemies and competition, but as allies and fellow artists. I have been able to to exist in this industry without becoming jaded. I’ve always loved taking pictures. In the near future I plan to display my acquired acting skills on the big screen in a feature film, or combine my passions and host my own travel show on television. Default image by IEC Studios.

Vote for Vanessa Veasley

+92 rating of 96 votes

  • All Hip Hop Models

    Wow… She has been at it for awhile.  She is a true professional.

  • damond salary

    she beautiful and sexy

  • damond salary

    i would like 2 open my heart 2 her.

  • Jock

    Pretty but she looks more chibby to me than anything


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